How to Get Scholarships in Nigeria

Scholarships in Nigeria.

With the increasingly high cost of education in Nigeria, it has become imperative for students to sources for alternative means of funding if they are to meet up with the often exorbitant cost of tuition. Many have turned to scholarships as a means to meet up with the cost of education in the country.

How to Get Scholarships in NigeriaHow to apply for scholarships in Nigeria

However, it can be a bit hard finding the right scholarship to support your educational ambition in Nigeria, as well as knowing where and when to apply.

That is why this article is timely, as it gives you a list of some of the most popular websites where you can get registered to in order to get updates about scholarship opportunities in Nigeria when they become available. Read and be informed, after all, information is power in today’s world.

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Getting Scholarship Opportunities in Nigeria

This list is by no means exhaustive, but at least it gives you an idea of where to start. It also allows you to stay informed when scholarship opportunities surface, so that you apply on time, since most scholarship offers, especially those offered by the big multinationals, are fiercely competitive.

The list includes:


This is one of the foremost scholarship portals that provide timely information about scholarship opportunities to Nigerian students. It is owned by dragnet solutions, a dynamic indigenous technology firm with an eye for providing screening and assessing solutions. Once you register on their portal for scholarship opportunities notifications, they take over the rest of the work and give you timely updates about available scholarship opportunities each time they surface.

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All you have to is apply. This way, you focus on your academics while they handle the rigorous and often time-consuming process of filling for your scholarship applications.


This is another very resourceful scholarships site where you can register if you want to get a scholarship in Nigeria.

The registration process is seamless and free. Apart from scholarship offers, they also post other educationally relevant content such study materials, admission counselling, information about different schools in Nigeria (universities and polytechnics), as well as other vital information that are germane to your overall student needs.


This is one of the foremost scholarship sites in Nigeria now, where Nigerian students seeking for scholarships to help augment their tuition fees can go register for information about different scholarship opportunities. Again, the registration on the portal is free. Once you register, you begin to get notifications about existing offers of scholarships from different organizations once they become available.

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The site is a rich source of information for students in need of scholarships in Nigeria.