List of Highest Paying State For NYSC in Nigeria

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List of Highest Paying State For NYSC in Nigeria.

Are you a prospective corp member? Or are you still an undergraduate and want to have an idea of highest paying NYSC states in Nigeria? Well, this article will do you much favor in listing all of the highest paying states and equally how much they pay.

List of Highest Paying State For NYSC in NigeriaHighest Paying State For NYSC in Nigeria

One of the criteria of selecting NYSC state by prospective corp members during registration during registration is definitely the stipend paid by the state.

This situation often at times result in choosing or re-deploying massively to certain states that pays high, a typical example has to be Lagos state, Akwa Ibom and Previously Enugu.

But you sure have to know that selecting a particular state during registration does not guarantee the posting outcome as NYSC ca choose to post to any state of their choice.

Years back a greater number of state had been paying stipends to corp members serving in their state compared to what we are having now, much reason can’t really be attached as to why most of these states are not paying maybe the economic situation of the nation and in some situation just personal refusal of state governors to pay thinking it is irrelevant.

Several article have been written on this very topic which are far too misleading prompting us to come up with this. We put in our best of effort during this data collection and tried delivering the most accurate information to you.

Here is the list of states and how much they pay.


1 Abia – N5,000

2 Adamawa – Not paying

3 Akwa Ibom – N5,000 and N10,000 to medical graduates

4 Anambra – N8,000

5 Bauchi – Not paying

6 Bayelsa – N4,000

7 Benue – Not paying

8 Borno – Not paying

9 Cross River – Not paying

10 Delta – N5,000

11 Ebonyi – N5,000

12 Edo – Not paying

13 Ekiti – Not paying

14 Enugu – Not paying

15 Gombe – N6,000

16 Imo – N5,000

17 Jigawa – N5,000 and N10,000 to medical graduates

18 Kaduna – Not paying

19 Kano – Not paying

20 Katsina – Not paying

21 Kebbi – Not paying

22 Kogi – Not paying

23 Kwara – Not paying

24 Lagos – N10,000 and N15,000 to medical graduates

25 Nassarawa – Not paying

26 Niger – Not paying

27 Ogun – Not paying

28 Ondo – Not paying

29 Osun – Not paying

30 Oyo – N3,000

31 Plataeu – Not paying

32 Rivers – Not paying

33 Sokoto – N4,000

34 Taraba – Not paying

35 Yobe – Not paying

36 Zamfara – Not paying

37 F.C.T. – Not paying

From our table above you can see the states that pay and those that does not, it changes though for instance Akwa Ibom state before now use to get a higher pay but different government with their different scale of payment. However, this is what is obtainable as at the time this post is written and we shall continuously update and make changes where necessary.

List of highest paying state for NYSC in the Nigeria:

Lagos – N10,000

Anambra – N8,000

Gombe – N6,000

Akwa Ibom – N5,000

Imo – N5,000

Jigawa – N5,000

Ebonyi – N,5000

Delta – N5,000

Abia – N5,000

Sokoto – N4,000

Bayelsa – N4,000

Oyo – N3,000

People have really been misinformed on this very subject matter, we have seen several post of highest paying states in Nigeria but most of them end up giving the wrong figures prompting us to go on thorough research and come out with this article.

Like I said, this never stays for long as different governors and government come in with different policy and may choose to increase, decrease, start or stop paying as the case may be.

Just hoping this was helpful, you can air your view in the comment box below.

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