MTN Airtime Ussd Transfer Code | How to Transfer Airtime on MTN

MTN Airtime Ussd Transfer Code | How to Transfer Airtime on MTN

Do you have enough airtime and would love to share with your family, friends and loved ones? If yes, this information is for you. This is mtn airtime ussd transfer code. This code enables you to transfer airtime to any mobile network within Nigeria.

MTN Airtime Ussd Transfer Code

The mtn ussd transfer code is *600* recipients phone number *amount* your pin
and # e.g *600*0806803830*200*1234#, this service comes with a minor charge. When this happens, first time users will receive a text message from share and sell giving a default pin to change to their desired pin number.
All a first time user is required to do in respect of change of pin is , send an sms to 777 with the default pin and your newly generated pin number in the format below. Open message, select new message, type default pin, space new pin, space new pin, and send. And your new pin will be activated, thereby qualifying
you to use mtn share and sell service.

When Can You Change Your Mtn Transfer Pin and Why?

There are several reasons for change of mtn transfer pin. You can change your mtn transfer pin at any time, the service is free.

When you notice the following signals, know that you should change your mtn transfer pin
When you are no more comfortable with the old pin; if you suddenly become uncomfortable with the old pin, maybe because the numbers you used where not well organized and you feel might forget it at any time, please change the pin to avoid forgetting it.

When you feel someone has invaded your privacy; sometimes relations and friends may have access to your transfer pin and once this happens, you will loss because they can always transfer your airtime to their respective phones. Any time you feel that your privacy have been tampered with, you might just be right. Therefore go ahead and change the pin.

How To Retrieve Mtn Lost Or Forgotten Transfer Pin

Do you want to transfer your mtn airtime to others but cannot do it because you have lost or forgotten your mtn transfer pin, there is good news for you.
How do you know it is time to retrieve your pin? You will have to retrieve your pin when the following conversations takes place during transfer.

They are; incorrect pin, pin invalid, you are not qualified to use this service, try again later, and please check the pin and try again. When you hear this, know that your pin is gone and you need to retrieve it before you can carry out share and sell transactions.

The steps to retrieve mtn forgotten transfer pin are;
Go to message on your phone, select new message, type yes and send to 556. The message will take few minutes to, therefore wait for response from the network provider. The response will come in this format, welcome top share and sell, your default pin is 0000, mtn recommends you reset your pin. With this simple steps, you retrieve your lost pin and reset to a new pin of your choice.

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