What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

Consumer Services Field

Many giant corporations, from Amazon to McDonald’s, are involved in consumer services field. The consumer services industry is vast and diverse. It is made up of businesses in retail, media, food distribution, and services ranging from healthcare to banking to hotels. Some of the most well-known firms in the country are in the consumer services … Read more

Full List of Domestic Airlines in Nigeria

Domestic Airlines in Nigeria

An airline is a business that offers freight and passenger air transportation services. Airlines utilise planes to provide these services, and they may collaborate with other airlines through alliances or partnerships to run the same flight under a codeshare arrangement. An air operating certificate or licence issued by a governmental aviation organisation typically serves as … Read more

List of Emeritus Professors in Nigeria

list of nigerian professors

List of Emeritus Professors in Nigeria. Professor (sometimes abbreviated as Prof.) is an academic rank at universities and other post-secondary institutions of learning and research worldwide. Professor literally translates from Latin as “one who professes.” Professors are often leading authorities in their subject and elite educators. In most academic rank systems, the term “professor” exclusively … Read more

BBNaija Day 24: Chichi got into a war of words with Eloswag

BBNaija Day 24: Chichi got into a war of words with Eloswag The Level 1 Housemates felt somewhat at ease following the HoH Challenge because they were automatically exempt from nominations for this Sunday’s potential eviction. They still needed to resolve a minor issue, though, if they were to stay in Biggie’s House for another … Read more

BBNaijaDay 25: Doyin says Deji is sensitive with low self-esteem

BBNaijaDay 25: Doyin says Deji is sensitive with low self-esteem Doyin “joked” with Deji that he is hiding his approach to Allysyn because he feels nervous about it, and he asked her to be careful what she said. This sparked a discussion about how Doyin speaks her mind without mincing words. Deji remarked, “You don’t … Read more

Chinedu Ikedieze Wife: All You Need to Know

Chinedu Ikedieze Wife: All You Need to Know Journalist Norimitsu Onishi of the New York Times first used the name “Nollywood” in 2002 after observing film production in Lagos, Nigeria. The phrase refers to two of the most well-known centers of filmmaking: Hollywood in the US and Bollywood in Bombay, India. Nollywood refers to a … Read more

Day 17: Level 1 plans to bring their creativity to the Fashion Task Presentation – BBNaija

Diary Sessions were the first activity of the day for Level 1 Housemates. The HoH victory, Adekunle’s leadership style, the Riders, and this week’s Wager Task Challenge were among the topics discussed by the Housemates throughout the sessions. Biggie anticipates that the Level Up Housemates would use style to highlight Nigeria’s vibrant culture, and according … Read more

Day 19: Adekunle and Giddyfia discuss potential Fake Housemates – BBNaija

To liven up the Level Up House, Biggie invited two Fake Housemates, Deji and Modella, and two Riders, Chizzy and Rachel. While Modella was charged with stirring up trouble on Beauty and Groovy’s ship, Deji was given the mission of getting between Bella and Sheggz. The employment of the Fake Housemates to incite conflict in … Read more

List of Agencies That Fight Human Trafficking in Nigeria

List of Agencies That Fight Human Trafficking in Nigeria Human trafficking is the act of obtaining individuals by coercion, fraud, or deception for the purpose of exploitation. It also includes the receiving of individuals. This crime, which happens everywhere in the world, can affect men, women, and kids of all ages and socioeconomic situations. To … Read more