List of Professional Courses in Nigeria

List of Professional Courses in Nigeria

Most students in the University wants to come out and do something worthwhile with their degrees.

This however is the resins why you will find most Nigerian students rush up to apply for a course in the university that will make them come out as a professional in one field of discipline or the other.

Truthfully, when you are a graduate of a professional course, the chances of getting a good job in a firm or company is higher and when a job is not forthcoming, you can decide to start a business with your skill in your area of specialization for instance, a student that studied law can decide to start up his or her law firm immediately after his or her course of studies.

List of Professional Courses in Nigeria

In today’s world especially in Nigeria, what you studied in school is not a determining factor to how successful and influential you will be. What determines your success is your ability to put your mind to work and think out of the box.

This is because people professional occupation has been overcrowded. There are almost so many professionals when compared to those who need their services.

It is not also enough to study a professional course at higher institutions, after your four or five years, it is expected that a person who wants to be a professional should pick up a course with a professional body that organizes specialized training for graduated professionals. These courses gives the graduate

Professional the needed stamina to scale through his or her profession. For instance, a graduate accountant will still have to undergo the ICAN program for efficiency in the accounting field.

List of Professional Courses in Nigeria


1. Medicine

Health is Wealth. The wealthiest and healthiest professionals in Nigeria are those who studied Medicine. They come out with a specialization to treat and diagnose people of ailments.

The cut off mark for entrance to study medicine is always one of the highest because those who study the course are supposed to be very intelligent and smart.

This makes them unique. The Medicine students invest the next six years of their lives to studying the course in the University, after which they are expected to undergo a one year horsemanship program before they are then given the full right to practice the course they studied in any chosen specialty. This is why doctors should be respected all over the world.

2. Accounting

As long as there is life, people will always buy, invest and sell. This is one of the things that makes banking and finance a specialized course.

Those who buy and sell would always need to keep records. Big companies require the service of a good accountant who can keep the books for them.

Accountants only recognize the language of numbers, making then the best when it comes to handling the financial record keeping of a company.

To become an accountant, a person will need to undergo a four years course at any Nigerian University, after which the person proceeds to do the ICAN program to make him or her a chartered accountant.

But these days a lot of people do the ICAN program even while still in the university so that as soon as they come out of the university, they are already professional chartered accountants and hot cake in the market.