25 Best Universities to Study law in Nigeria

25 Best Universities to Study law in Nigeria

For intending students who wishes to study law in different universities across Nigeria this article is written for you as we are going to tell you the 25 best universities to study law in Nigeria.

Other researchers may also want to find out which university ranks high when it comes to law in Nigeria, well, we are about telling you the 25 best universities to study law in Nigeria.

Law is one of the most respected profession/course one can ever think of studying. Lawyers are seen as legal practitioners and as well are respected in all ramification of life. Several universities in Nigeria offer law as a course allowing students to enroll in it, but which of the universities really give exactly what is expected to its students.

Here we have decided to do an in-depth research on this very topic before coming out with our ranking of the 25 best universities to study law in Nigeria.

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The countdown of the 25 best universities to study law in Nigeria is as follows:

  1. Imo state university

Imo state university is one of the fast rising institution in the south east geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Though their accreditation status is provisional but their track record in producing great law and other graduates puts them on the list.

  1. University of Port Harcourt

The university of Port Harcourt is certainly one name to reckon with when it comes to credibility and educational high standards in the country.

  1. Nnamdi Ezikiwe University

Popularly known as Unizek, Nnamdi Ezikiwe university is located in Awka the Anambra state capital.

  1. Usman Dan Fodio University

Siting at number 22 on our list of 25 best university in Nigeria to study law is Usman Dan Fodio university Kano. A renowned university that is highly recognized by national and international bodies, the institution is equally known for their educational high standards and morals.

   21. University of Abuja

Sitting at number 21 here in our countdown chart is university of Abuja an institution established back in 1988. University of Abuja has continuously risen up the ranking when it comes to best universities to study law in Nigeria.

  1. Ekiti State university

Not really a popular name in Nigeria but what does popularity got to do with excellence. Ekiti state university is one of the fast rising institution in Nigeria as they are reportedly responsible for producing graduates of high standards.

  1. Ogun State university

Located in Ago Iwoye of Ogun state, the now called Olabisi Onabanjo university is siting at number 19 th on our 25 best university to study law in Nigeria.

  1. Afe Babalola University

Afe Babalola University is one of the top private universities in Nigeria. Their law school is a hot spot every year for students looking to study law in Nigeria, other faculties are not left out as well. This institution is certainly beginning to set high standards most especially in the area of law.

  1. Covenant university

Mostly referred as the best university in Nigeria by some set of people, Covenant University is a private university operating at a very high standard. Known for its academic quality and standards, Covenant university are responsible for producing high standard graduates not just in law but every other department.

  1. Delta state university

Delta State University is a multi-campus system state university. Its main campus is located in Abraka while the other two campuses are situated in Anwai, Asaba, and Oleh, Delta. The faculty of Law is located at the Oleh Campus and it is one of the best Nigeria law school.