10 Best Universities to Study computer science in Nigeria

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10 Best Universities to Study computer science in Nigeria

We are living in the age of information and communication technology, where computer technology application is the new oil. Thus, graduates of computer science are regarded as hot cake in the job market.

Best Universities to study computer science in Nigeria


This is because of their very important role in society today, as almost every facet of our lives are hinged on computers. Being a five-year degree program, a student of computer science will come out and meet a world that is already waiting to tap into his acquired knowledge, making the profession a very lucrative one. Based on this finding, we have brought to you 10 o then best universities where you can apply to study computer science in Nigeria.

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The 10 Best Universities to Study Computer Science in Nigeria.

  1. University of Ibadan

Since it establishment in 1948, the University of Ibadan has served the nation as one of the premier universities in the country. Its computer science department is adjudged as one of the best among the federal universities. There are well equipped labs and excellent lecturers who teach both the theory and practical aspects of the program.

  1. The federal university of technology , Akure

This is a high ranking federal technology university established way back in 1981 to lead the way in technology research within the country. Since its inception, the university has blazed the trail in leading research, including in the area of computer science technology.

  1. The federal university of technology , Minna

Another high ranking federal technology university founded in 1983, this university has been at the forefront of technology research, leading the way in computer science technology research and programs.

  1. Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife

Established in 1961, the university has led the way in the advancement of academic research across the country. Its five year computer science program has produced some of the best computer scientists within the country.

  1. University of Calabar (UNICAL)

This university became a fully-fledged autonomous university in 1975, after it used to be the Calabar campus of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka before then. It has a reputable computer science department that is well equipped and well-staffed. We can attest to the high quality of its academic output.

  1. University of Benin, (UNIBEN)

A federal university founded in 1970, the University of Benin has produced great minds and individuals. It has a department of computer science that can stand it ground among others in the league.

7. Covenant University, Ota

A private university located in Ota, Ogun State, this university has one of the best computer science facilities of any institution in the country. Founded in 1999, it has been able to produce some of the best computer science graduates around the country.

  1. Lagos State University, Ojo (LASU)

A state-owned university located the commercial city of Lagos, this university was established in 1983 to serve as a research and development institution. Since its founding it has lived up to the ideals of its founders, producing an array of graduates who can boast of their degrees anywhere they are. It has a well-equipped computer science department that has made its quality of computer science graduates exceptional.

  1. Kwara State University, (KWASU)

Situated in the northwest state of Kwara, this university was founded in 2009 to cater to a segment of the population that wanted high quality education. It has since lived up to its name, producing scores of high quality graduate, among them computer scientists. The school has a robust computer science program department that is well funded.

  1. University of Lagos, Akoka

Founded in 1962 and currently with a staff strength of 1,123, it is arguably one of the well-staffed and well-funded institutions in the country. Its location within the commercial city of Lagos makes it well positioned to serve the academic needs of the large population of that state. It has a modern computer science department that is well funded and adequately staffed.

Now that we have brought to you the 10 best universities to study computer science, you can go ahead and make your choice as we have made the decision simpler for you now. Good luck!

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