10 Best Universities to Study Banking and Finance in Nigeria

10 Best Universities to Study Banking and Finance in Nigeria.

As a four year course of study in Nigerian universities, banking and finance has always been an attractive course for students in Nigerian universities, especially those who want to go into the banking profession thereafter.

When you behold bankers with their gleaming suits, shirts and ties and fat salaries, you will want to be like them. Thus, banking and finance is a course that bestows prestige and relevance on those who study it. That is why we have devoted our effort in writing this article to bring you the 10 best universities in Nigeria where you can study banking and finance successfully.

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The list of 10 Best University to Study Banking and Finance in Nigeria

  1. Ambrose Ali University

Founded in 1981, this state –owned university located in south South-South state of Edo is renowned for its high quality educational disciplines, among them banking and finance. Students from all over the country who have graduated from this school attest to the high quality of its learning environment.

  1. University of Abuja

Located in the federal capital territory and founded in 1988, this university has earned a pride of place as one of the institutions in the country renowned for its excellence in academics. Banking and finance is one of the courses it offers and it is under the faculty of business administration.

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  1. Afe Babalola University

As the only private university located in the south-western state of Ekiti, this university is noted for its serious approach to teaching and quality programs, one of which is banking and finance. The young university, founded in 2009, is well-known for delivering high quality degree program to students from across the country. The banking and finance department is under the faculty of business administration and is regularly touted as one of the best departments in the institution.

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  1. University of Calabar

Considered one of the biggest universities in the country, in terms of landmass and number of courses offered, this federal university embodies quality in research and academic programs. Founded in 1975, it has served as fertile ground from whence thousands of banking and finance graduates have found their academic feet over the years.

  1. University Of Benin

Located in the ancient city of Benin, Edo State, the University of Benin is one of the premier universities established in the country, having been founded in 1970. With a well accredited department of banking and finance that has catered to thousands of students over the years, it has what it takes to give you that academic edge that your future career deserves.

6. Covenant University

Another private university renowned for excellence in sound academic delivery. The university is founded on Christian ideals and is well-known for the high quality of its programs. Since 2002 when it was founded, the university has consistently produced high quality graduates in banking and finance and other disciplines from its well-equipped classrooms and lecture centres.

  1. Lagos State University

Not to be confused with university of Lagos, which is a federal institution, the Lagos State University is a state-owned institution that is noted for its research and high standard of teaching. Banking and finance is a department that exists under its faculty of management sciences, and it has won accolades as one of the best departments in the institution.

  1. University of Uyo

A federal university established on 1991, the University of Uyo has carved a reputation for itself over the years as one institution where academic excellence is celebrated. The department of banking and finance in the institution is under the faculty of business administration and has been dishing out top rated graduates over the years. You need to consider this university when applying for your studies in banking and finance.

  1. University Of Ilorin

Even though the course is known simply as ‘Finance’ in this university, the degree is still the same and accepted everywhere. Founded in 1975 with a large and diverse student body and staff strength, the university has maintained its name as a centre of excellence in academic research.

  1. Landmark University

We end our list with this Christian private university established in 2011 in Omu-Aran, Kwara State. Even though it was founded as an agricultural studies-based university, it has a faculty of management sciences in which banking and finance is one of the program offered. The university has, since its founding, proved itself as a leader in offering high quality education to meet the academic needs of our teeming population.

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We hope this list will help you make an informed decision as you try to make up your mind on which of the schools to select for your next phase in life. Read and explore.

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