Catering Schools in Lagos and Their Fees

Catering Schools in Lagos and Their Fees

Many people looking to become caterers or just interested in the industry look for the top catering schools. The food sector is fiercely competitive, and only the finest can succeed. You must only learn from the top people for this reason. You will get all the details you want about the top catering schools in Lagos State, Nigeria, in this post.

Catering Schools in Lagos and Their Fees

The field of catering is not going anywhere any time soon. This is so because there will always be a need for food, and many people desire delicious meals. Lagos is a bustling commercial metropolis with several top-notch catering schools that offer instruction to new pupils. In reputable catering schools, you may choose from a wide range of courses for which you will receive a certificate.

A list of Lagos’ top catering schools may be seen below. These institutions can accommodate your schedule and have excellent curricula. The costs associated with the course are also included. These schools provide numerous courses for varying levels of experience, so it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have advanced far in the catering industry. Lagos catering schools can train you on how to prepare international cuisine. You won’t be constrained to eating only African food, then. Additionally, you will learn from qualified professors with plenty of industry expertise.

Your greatest chance of succeeding in the catering industry is to enroll in culinary school where you will learn how to prepare dishes in a professional manner. You will get information and training from catering schools. After graduating, you will be qualified to work at any restaurant in the world or perhaps launch your own catering company.

Below is a Catering Schools in Lagos and Their Fees:

Catering Schools in Lagos and Their Fees

Read on below:


The greatest catering education available in the nation is provided by Crumbles Chef Academy. You can learn just about everything you want to know about cooking from the best-qualified chefs in the world right here. The Crumbles Chef Academy charges the following fees:
The cost of the 12-week basic course in continental cooking is N160,000 plus N7,000 for registration.

Continental Culinary Pro, a three-month program, costs N10,000 to register and N350,000 for tuition. Healthy cooking and baking for four to six weeks costs between N107,000 and 127,000.


Depending on your future objectives, the Victory School of Catering Services provides a variety of programs in which you can specialize. After graduating, you’ll be given a degree in specialized catering, and you can start your own catering business. Simply learning certain catering techniques will improve the flavor of your home-cooked dishes. Obtaining a specific application, which is accessible on the school grounds for N1,500, is the initial step in applying to this institution. Three times a year, in April, September, and January, the school accepts new pupils. They are located at 3 Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos State.


Wavecrest College is a private Monotechnic located in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Wavecrest College of Hospitality has always been praised for offering top-notch instruction. Additionally, they offer credentials that are accepted both inside and outside of Nigeria. If you’re interested in attending this school, visit the official website to get the brochure that contains information on the tuition costs. Their location is at 75 Adisa Bashua Street, which is off Adelabu Street in Surulere, Lagos State.


Founded in 1986, Yetkem Institute. There are four times a year when the institute takes on new students. In Ikeja, Lagos state, at number 113 Allen Avenue, you may locate them. Hotel administration and food services are taught to students. Funmilayo Philip, a well-known host of cookery shows, is a graduate of this institution.


Different people can receive instruction from The Sense of Taste to various degrees. This involves learning fundamental cooking skills, receiving advanced professional training, and taking lessons in making pizza, cocktails, and other foods. The Sense of Taste offers a course called Finger Meals where participants learn the fundamental knowledge and skills required to produce both domestic and foreign finger foods. The little meals cost N40,000. However, depending on the curriculum you choose, costs range from N20,000 to N160,000. More information is available on the school’s official website. Additionally, you may contact the school via email at ng


The main target audience for Spronks Cocktails & Bartending School is those who wish to work in the management of bars, restaurants, and hotels as well as in the beverage and catering industry. The school provides a broad variety of courses, from cocktails to bartending. Additionally practical are the courses. Each applicant must be at least 18 years old and be literate in English. They are located at 2 Olawale Dawodu Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Phone number: 0809 777 6657


Both amateurs and experts can receive training in catering and event decorating from Cake and Kitchen Affairs. They can be found at 23/28 Daodu Street in Oshodi, Lagos.


No matter what degree of experience you have, this is a fantastic location to learn cooking techniques. Ikoyi is the location of the cooking school in Lagos. Over the course of its more than 30 years of existence, Double Portions Culinary School has taught the art of cooking to numerous youths, young adults, professional chefs, and home cooks.


Adigboluja Street, Number 12a, Ojodu-Berger, Lagos Ikeja is the address of Liomaryn Catering Service. They provide training in the craft of baking.


Max Kitchen provides expert catering solutions as well as culinary training programs. They hire only the most qualified teachers to give their pupils quality instruction. Ikota Shopping Complex, Road 2, Suite C187, VGC Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria is where you can find Max Kitchen.


The MOJ Catering School specializes in a wide range of cuisines, including African, international, cocktail, pastries, and cakes, among others. The school offers certificate programs to help you become an expert in your area and employs professionals who are qualified to educate pupils. They can be found at No. 2 Shitta Street, which is off Adebisi Awosoga Street and No. 1 Bus Stop on Oniwaya Road.


In 2012, Precastle Training Institute was founded with the purpose of instructing students in both the art and science of cooking. The school concentrates on cutting-edge culinary trends and contemporary cuisine approaches. Additionally, they offer qualified educators who are effective teachers. Precastle Training Institute presently has 50 students enrolled and has trained and graduated 50 of them thus far. Precastle Training Institute can be found at 1 Titilayo Balogun Close, off Ogunbameru Street, in the Ajao Estate neighborhood of Oshodi.

These are Lagos State’s finest culinary institutions. To get a solid education in catering, you can pick any of these.

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