List of NDDC Board Members – Currently

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List of NDDC Board Members – Currently

In this article we are going to list all the NDDC board members as well as their profile.

The Niger Delta development commission is an organization that was formed back in 2000 with the mission of enhancing rapid development of the Niger Delta region and turning it into economically prosperous and socially stabled region.

List of NDDC Board MembersList of NDDC Board Members

The Niger Delta development commission has undoubtedly over the years has aided several developmental projects in the region starting from the construction of roads, schools, provision of scholarship for several students in and outside the country, provision of water and other basic amenities to make life easy for residents in Niger Delta region.

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States that make up the Niger Delta region include Ondo, Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Abia, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Cross River and over 9,000 projects have been delivered in this region since its establishment in 2002 with 720 projects in Abia state, 1,224 in Akwa Ibom, 900 in Bayelsa, 456 in Cross River, 1,730 in Delta, 754 in Edo, 773 in Imo, 851 in Ondo and 2,296 in Rivers.

These projects include 1,290 water supply, 4,048 roads and bridges, 251 reclamation/shore protection, 159 jetty, 11 ICT, 29 furnishing, 64 equipment, 1,832 electricity, 18 dredging, 70 canalization and 1,926 buildings.

The NDDC board is usually made up 15 members all of the executive and representative from each of the state in the region and other representative from other geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

Haven achieved all these, credit has to go to the board member of this very organization past and present who have put in so much effort and showed much dedication in carrying out their duty.

on August 29, the President endorsed Mr. Chiedu Ebie for the position of NDDC board chairman alongside 16 other people for the commission’s board.

Others are:

  1. Mr. Chiedu Ebie, Chairman, Delta State
  2. Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Bayelsa
  3. Mr. Boma lyaye, the Executive Director, Finance and Admin, Rivers
  4. Mr.Victor Antai Executive Director Projects, Akwa-Ibom
  5. Otito Atikase Executive Director, Corporate Services, Ondo
  6. Dimaro Denyanbofa, State Representative Bayelsa
  7. Mr. Abasi Nkono, State Representative Akwa-Ibom
  8. Monday Igbuya, State Representative Delta,
  9. Tony Okocha, State Representative Rivers
  10. Patrick Aisowieren, State Representative Edo
  11. Mr.Kyrian Uchegbu, State Representative Imo
  12. Victor Akinjo, State Representative Ondo
  13. Dimgba Eruba, State Representative Abia
  14. Orok Otu Duke, State Representative Cross River
  15. Nick Wende, Zonal Representative North Central
  16. Namdas Abdulrazak, Zonal Representative North East
  17. Dr.Ibrahim Abdullahi Gobir, Zonal Representative North West.


The NDDC tenure for board members is usually last for four years after which it is reshuffled and new members take over positions.

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However, these are the current members of the board and we will keep updating this information as soon as changes are made. NDDC Latest News

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