List of Highest Paying Banks in Nigeria

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List of Highest Paying Banks in Nigeria.

Banks in Nigeria have over time been criticized by customers for unnecessary extortion of money from
their customers account for irrelevant charges, making them extremely rich in the end. With all this
wealth, one may ask how much do they really pay their staff? You can find that out as we begin the
countdown to the highest paying banks in Nigeria.

 Highest Paying Banks

List of Highest Paying Banks in Nigeria


Ecobank Nigeria is one of the biggest name in the banking industry right here in Nigeria. Established in
1985 under a private sector initiative spearheaded by the West African chambers of commerce and
industry with the support of the Economic community of West African states, Ecobank has gone from
strength to strength over this period of time. Ecobank have accumulated several national and
international award put them ahead of some few other banks, the few awards they have won include
African investor of the year 2015, EMEA Finance of the year 2013, Best Structures finance deal in Africa
2013, commercial deal of the year 2013 by Trade and forfeiting review, trade finance deals of the year
2013 by Trade finance magazine amongst others.
Haven achieved all of these, how much do they really pay their employee?
145,000 per month and N1,700000 per year for entry level staffs.

Sterling Bank

The story of sterling bank Nigeria can be traced for back to 1960, the one customer bank as they are
popularly called was first incorporated that same year developing and expanding with the vision of being
the financial institution of choice. The former Equatorial Trust Bank business interest was assimilated in
2011 which effectively enhanced their position in the hierarchy of respectable players in the Nigerian
Banking Industry.
As reward for hard work and credibility in the banking field, Sterling have won several awards which
include the banker Africa most innovative Bank West Africa at the Bankers Africa award, the banker
Africa best corporate governance Bank 2015, Nigeria Technology Award best bank website of the year
2015, the sun newspapers sun banker of the year to MD/CEO are just the few award accumulated by
this great bank.
So, how much do Sterling bank staffs take home?
145,000 per month and N1,700000 per year for entry level staffs.

First Bank

Undoubtedly one of the biggest players in the banking sector if not the biggest. Firstbank Nigeria is one
of the renowned name in the Nigerian banking sector. First incorporated in 1894 with the vision of being
the clear leader and Nigeria’s bank of choice, firstbank has move gradually into what it is now. Awards as accumulated by firstbank Nigeria include most innovative Bank in Nigeria 2017, most valuable
banking brand in Nigeria, Best bank in Nigeria, best private bank in Nigeria 2017, mobile banking app of
the year by the beacon ICT awards etc.
Firstbank have employed hundreds of staffs but how much do they go home with?
Entry level staffs go home with as much as N3,000000 per year, N250,000 per month.

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First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

First city monument bank fondly called FCMB is a member of the FCMB group Plc, and are one of the
leading financial institution in country at the moment. Established in 1977 as cities securities limited,
FCMB have gone on to stage a great competition for other banks in Nigeria. In 2018 FCMB obtained a
personal and business banking license in the United Kingdom after obtaining a wholesale banking
license to operate in the same country.
FCMB have been giving so much back to the society and in-turn get awarded for their human
development and contribution to small and medium scale businesses.
So, how much do FCMB pay their staffs?
Entry level staffs are paid up to N1,380,000 per year N115,000 per month.

Guarantee Trust Bank

Guarantee trust bank is currently operating in nine other African countries (Cote D'Ivoire, Gambia,
Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania) and in the United kingdom which tells
exactly how big the brand is. Established in 1990, the guarantee trust bank is known for excellence,
professionalism, best practices and delivering exceptional customer experience.
Guarantee trust bank have gain recognition from foreign and local bodies for their excellent delivery in
the sector and some of them include the president merit award by the Nigerian Stock exchange, bank of
the year by this day newspaper, highly commended bank of the year in Africa awarded by the African
investor awards and most recently the digital wallet of the year as awarded by the Asian Banker
excellence in Retail financial service awards.
Now let us find out how much GTB employees go home with.
Entry level staffs take home about N2,500,000 per year, N208,000.

Diamond Bank

Diamond bank plc is one of the fastest growing retail bank here in Nigeria, incorporated in 1990
Diamond bank became a universal brand ten years later in 2001. With the vision of being the leading
financial institution, with the best people, providing unequalled customer experience and delivering
superior shareholder value, diamond bank have truthfully work on their word.
Several recognition gained by diamond bank in the process include excellence in financial inclusion
award at the prestigious lafferty award for its diamond yello mobile banking solution, the award was
presented in cape town in south Africa February 2017.

Diamond Bank boasts of the best people in the Nigerian Banking industry and a team of professional and
creative minds focused on providing innovative customer-centric solutions.
So let us find out how much Diamond bank staffs go home with.
Entry level staffs earn up to N2,500000 per year, N250,000 per month.

Zenith Bank

Zenith bank is undoubtedly one of the outstanding name when it comes to Nigerian banking sector.
Established in 1990 Zenith bank Nigeria started operation in July the same year and became a public
limited in 2004 getting listed in the Nigerian stock exchange market the same. This bank is currently
operating in other African countries which include Ghana, Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited; Sierra Leone,
Zenith Bank (Sierra Leone) Limited; Gambia, Zenith Bank (Gambia) Limited.
Several awards as won by zenith bank for excellence include African Bankers Award – Best Global Bank
(2008), Vanguard Bankers’ Award – Best Bank in ICT (2008), Vanguard Bankers’ Award – Best Bank in
Export Finance (2008), This Day Award of Excellence – Bank of the year (2008), This Day Award of
Excellence – Corporate Citizen of the Year (2008), This Day Award of Excellence – CEO of the Year (2008),
This Day Award of Excellence – Most Corporate Socially Responsible Company in Nigeria (2007) amongst
So, how much do Zenith pay their staffs?
Entry level staffs of this bank earn as much as N1,296,000 per year (N108,000) per month.

Fidelity Bank

Fidelity bank plc is one bank that promises to keep their word and it can be attested by most of their
customers. Established in 1988 Fidelity started operation the same year and growing from strength to
strength since then. With the vision of being the number one in every market they serve and for every
branded product they offer.
Fidelity bank Nigeria plc is currently ranked among the top ten banks in Nigeria, giving their customers
the best customers require from a bank giving them several recognition in the sector which include most
improved corporate/investment banking and the best bank in mobile money amongst others.
Now let us find out how much Fidelity pay their staffs.
Entry level staffs go home with as much as N1,400000 per year, N116,000 per month.

United Bank For Africa

United Bank for Africa is one of the largest bank in the entire Africa, operating in numerous African
countries including Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Liberia as well as buying more
than 50% of Banque international du Burkina Faso which is the largest bank in that country.
Several national and international recognition gain by this great financial institution include the Asian
bank technology innovation award in 2017, bank of the year in 2016 in an award sponsored by the
bankers magazine, best bank in sub Saharan Africa amongst other too numerous to mention.

So how much do UBA pay their staffs?
Entry level staffs earn as much as N1,500000 per year, N125,000 Per month.

Union Bank

Union bank is one of the oldest bank in Nigeria and in Africa at large. Established in 1917 union bank has
continued it unending growth over the years. Union bank has been one of trusted and most reliable
bank in the country accumulating millions of customers in the process.
Haven had all this growth and success, have they really balanced it up with their staffs salary? Well we
are about to find that out.
Level entry staffs earn about N2,500000 per year, N208,000 per month

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That has been the information gathered by our team, hope it meet exactly what you looked for.

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