6 Tips to Pass JAMB CBT 2022/2023 Very Easily

6 Tips to Pass JAMB CBT 2022/2023 Very Easily

Do you want to pass Jamb CBT 2022/2023 easily without cheating? if yes, this page will guide you on how to pass jamb CBT 2022/2023 without stress.

Pass JAMB CBTTips to Pass JAMB CBT

  1. Plan ahead

“Failure to prepare is preparation to fail” goes a popular saying. Any student who has the intention on passing JAMB this year must understand that planning ahead of the exams is very crucial to his success. If you want to pass JAMB this year, you must ensure you prepare long before the time of the exams so you can cover a lot of topics that normally you would not have been able to cram shortly before the exams.

2. Draw Up A Timetable

The importance of having a study timetable cannot be overemphasized. Every student who wishes to pass his or her exams very easily must have a study timetable drawn up to enable him or her coordinate his/her study period.

A timetable should include all the subject combination you chose when registering for your UTME. For example, your first choice course was mechanical engineering, your UTME subject combination should be: Past questions and answers are also available for Mathematics, Use of English, Physics and Chemistry. These subjects should be allocated time accordingly when planning your study timetable.

  1. Make Good Use of Past Questions

JAMB past questions has been a very good study material for students who wants to pass the exams. Questions have been known to be repeated over the years and studying past questions increases your chances of scoring very high in the JAMB CBT.

Here at naijaschool.com.ng, we provide you with the most updated JAMB Past Questions for all courses and faculties. You can check our resources page to get more information on how you can purchase it and make effective use of it.

  1. Practice How To Use the JAMB CBT Platform

A lot of student make the mistake of not knowing how to use the computer effective not to mention writing a Computer-Based Test with it. A student who wants to pass JAMB 2019 must have a basic knowledge on how to use the computer and how to work with the JAMB CBT Platform.

Fortunately, we have a lot of CBT Practice test platforms which are available in downloadable format online. Some are free while some needs to be activated through payment.

Prayer is very necessary to help you pass JAMB 2019 without cheating. Follow this rule and your success in the upcoming exam is very certain. But remember, Faith without work is dead. So, ensure you balance studying with asking for wisdom from God and your success will be certain.


We have covered a lot of aspects in this article regarding succeeding in the upcoming JAMB 2022/2023 UTME. I’m sure you learnt a lot of things in this article which might be useful in your exams preparation. Follow this guide, go out there and smash the JAMB 2022 CBT with high scores.

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