BBNAIJA Day 32: An apology with a side of gossip

BBNAIJA Day 32: An apology with a side of gossip

Today, during a heart-to-heart discussion in the kitchen, Chichi and Diana reconciled. The two unexpectedly started talking in the kitchen about what had transpired between them following the Level merger.

The genesis of the problem
Deji had played the gentleman by providing Diana space in his locker, but this infuriated Chichi who had heard Allysyn, Diana, and Doyin mention Deji’s name and was upset by it. She complained to Phyna and anybody else who could hear her, and then as soon as she was face to face with Diana, she jumped on her. Phyna, who begged her to calm down, managed to keep her in check. Later,
Eliminating the beef
Diana asked Chichi to explain her motives during their discussion of their problems today. The two had a protracted conversation as a result of this. Chichi mentioned the exchange between Allysyn, Diana, and Doyin but acknowledged she only overheard Deji’s name without any other information. Chichi supposedly became enraged at the talk when Diana was offered a locker spot by Deji.

Social media reacted to this pretty strongly as many people wondered why Chichi would get upset when she didn’t even hear what was being discussed.

Diana clarified that the conversation with herself and Allysyn was actually about Hermes and that she had just brought up Deji’s name to emphasize that he was with Chichi. In the end, Diana counseled Chichi to always ask her for clarification on matters rather than holding her feelings in until they erupted.

Following their discussion, Chichi focused on the Chomzy, Phyna, and Groovy triangle and all the drama that went along with it. Discourse concerning an apology that evolved into a tea-drinking session.

Chichi apologises to Diana

Is there a chance for another fight between Chichi and Diana or will they continue to tolerate one another? Let’s see what happens.

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