BBNaijaDay 34: Bryann and Amaka’s fracas

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There were vibes, chats, and conflicts at the first combined Big Brother Naija Pool Party. Amaka defended Adekunle, who some Housemates think has a split personality, in a conversation with Bella, Doyin, Daniella, and Modella. According to Amaka, certain situations make people respond in a variety of ways. On occasion, a Housemate may add drama because they believe it is what viewers want to see.
Bryann and Amaka's fracas

Modella attacks Amaka

While Amaka was still talking, Modella abruptly accused her of everything that she was just describing. Daniella entered the argument and cited earlier instances while Amaka made an effort to defend herself.

Bryann interrupts

Bryann abruptly enters the conversation by feigning choking. He was questioned by Amaka, which resulted in an argument where words were exchanged. Bryann was adamant about telling Amaka how he felt. In response to his claim that he would say things that would make her cry, she asserted that Bryann could not possibly say anything worse than what he had already told Ilebaye. The LevelUp Housemates and the HoH, Chomzy, had to intervene in order to separate the two after the disagreement quickly became heated. Diana, a friend of Amaka’s, also stepped in to save her and brought her to the lounge to relax.

Do you believe Modella and Bryann handled the disagreement well, despite their attempts to point out Amaka’s wrongdoings to her?

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