UNILORIN Postgraduate Admission Form 2023/2024 is Out

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UNILORIN Postgraduate Admission Form 2023/2024 is Out. Are you contemplating advancing your career with a postgraduate degree from the University of Ilorin? Wondering which programme suits your aspirations? What are the entry requirements, and how can you apply? Look no further; this comprehensive guide provides all the essential information you need to embark on your academic journey at UNILORIN for the 2023/2024 session.

This is to inform all intending and qualified candidates seeking for admission into the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) that the institution has unveiled a diverse array of postgraduate degree programmes for the academic year 2023/2024. In this blog post, we will guide you through opportunities available and the application process.

UNILORIN Postgraduate Admission Form


Check: UNILORIN Postgraduate COURSES.


  • Only courses available for the session are advertised and as such candidates are advised to select courses available in this advertisement.
  • Candidates are advised to PRINT out the advertisement and STUDY thoroughly before COMMENCING the application procedure.
  • Applicants are to note that the University will not be liable or responsible for any mistake made arising from wrong application

UNILORIN Postgraduate Programmes, Duration & General Information

UNILORIN Postgraduate School offers five primary types of postgraduate programmes:

Ph.D. Degree Programmes

These programmes are suited for holders of M.A.; M.Ed.; M.Eng.; M.Sc.; LL.M; and M.P.H. degrees, with durations spanning 18 to 48 months for full-time candidates and 36 to 72 months for part-time candidates. Prospective Ph.D. candidates must complete prescribed courses and submit a thesis to conclude their studies.

M.Phil./Ph.D. Degree Programmes

Eligibility for these programmes includes having a score between 55.00 to 59.99 percent or a CGPA of 3.50 to 3.99 on a 5-point scale. These are full-time programmes lasting 12 to 24 months. Candidates might convert to a Ph.D. programme after the first year, subject to satisfactory performance.

M.Phil. Degree Programmes

Candidates scoring between 50.00 and 54.99 percent or a CGPA of 3.00 to 3.49 are eligible. Offered solely on a full-time basis, these programmes require 18 to 24 months for completion, culminating in a dissertation.

Master Degree Programmes

These include various fields such as M.A.; M.Ed.; M.Eng.; M.Sc.; LL.M; and M.P.H., lasting 18 to 24 months for full-time and 36 to 48 months for part-time enrolment. Each programme involves coursework and a research report, ending with a dissertation.

Postgraduate Diploma Degree Programmes

These are accessible to candidates with Third Class (honours) degrees in relevant fields.

UNILORIN Postgraduate Admission Specific Requirements

  1. Applicants for the Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science shall satisfy one of the following:
    1. a minimum of first degree in any of the following disciplines from a recognised University: Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences or the Humanities.
    2. HND in Computer Science or Engineering from recognized Polytechnics with a minimum of Lower Credit; and
    3. HND in any other discipline different from those in (ii) but preferably from Sciences or Social Sciences with a minimum of Lower Credit from a recognized Polytechnic or equivalent Institution, with at least one year cognate experience.
  2. Applicants for Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics shall satisfy one of the following:
    1. A minimum of an honour’s degree from a recognized University in any of Science and Social Science disciplines;
    2. HND in Statistics from a recognized Polytechnic with a minimum of Lower Credit.
  3. M.A. Peace and Security Studies is OPEN ONLY to participants of the Executive Intelligence Management Course (EIMC) of the Institute of Security Studies, Abuja. The M.A. Peace and Strategic Studies is OPEN ONLY to participants in the Executive Management Course (EMC) of the Nigerian Army School of Education (NASE), Ilorin or any other equivalent programme approved by NASE.
  4. The M.Sc. Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is OPEN ONLY to participants of the Natural Water Institute, Kaduna.
  5. Applicants for Master of Public Health (MPH) shall satisfy the following:
    • Have their first degree in one of the following fields; Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Optometry, Nutrition & Dietetics, Veterinary Medicine, Medical Laboratory Science or any other relevant Clinical Science degree;
    • Have at least 2 years working experience in health facility, ministry of health, UN agencies or health related government and non-governmental agencies.

UNILORIN Postgraduate Admission Eligibility

  1. All Certificates shall be available at the point of purchasing the application form. The National Youth Service Corp Discharge Certificate OR Exemption Certificate should be presented.
  2. Candidates are expected to submit their application forms online together with the scanned copies of their credentials.
  3. All supporting documents in (i) above and the hard copy of the application form should be forwarded to the Secretary, Postgraduate School, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria, while the submission of Transcripts of Academic Records should be to the Head of Department where the admission is being sought. The Postgraduate School will not be held liable for any misdirected transcript, please.
  4. All candidates must have 5 O/L Credit passes, including English Language and Mathematics.
  5. Applicants for the Master degree programmes who are graduates of the University of Ilorin and other recognized universities must have a minimum of Second Class Honours Degree (Lower Division) and must be applying for programmes in which they have their first degrees. However, applicants with Second Class Honours Degree (Lower Division) and those with higher classes of degrees seeking admissions into programmes outside those in which they have their first degrees may be admitted, provided they satisfy Senate in a qualifying examination to be conducted. The least class of Degree for all academic programme applicants is Second Class Honours Degree (Lower Division), regardless of the institution where the Bachelor’s degree is obtained. ALL candidates shall apply early for their official Bachelor’s degree transcript to be sent to the Head of Department where the admission is being sought, before the expiration of the stated deadline in (i) above.
  6. Applicants for the Ph.D. degree programme shall have obtained a relevant Master degree of this or other recognized University, with an average weighted score of at least 60%. Short-listed candidates would be required to satisfy the Postgraduate School in the qualifying interviews and assessments by the relevant Department. Applicants are, therefore, advised to interact with the department to which they have applied to ascertain the date of the interview for the Ph.D. degree programme. Regardless of the Institution where the Master degree was obtained, all candidates must apply early for the official copy of their academic transcripts to be sent to the Head of Department where the admission is being sought for the purpose of this admission and before the expiration of the stated deadline.
  7. All Higher Degree candidates that attended foreign Universities, where English language is not the medium of instruction, should submit to the Postgraduate School, evidence of their English Language proficiency, e.g. TOEFL or IELTS scores obtained within the validity period of such certifications.
  8. Applicants for the Postgraduate Diplomas and Master degree Programmes will be subjected to a written assessment (qualifying examination), irrespective of the class of degree obtained, except applicants from the University of Ilorin with a First Class and Second Class, Upper Division (Honours).
  9. International applicants (Applicants who are domiciled outside Nigeria, and non- Nigerians, applying from outside the country) shall be exempted from the qualifying examination. However, International applicants applying from outside the country for the Doctor of Philosophy programmes shall be requested to submit a proposal of not more than 5 pages, giving details of what research they intend to carry out. This should be sent electronically to pgschool@unilorin.edu.ng
  10. Applicants applying for any of the Full-time programme of the University are expected to present a letter of release from their employers at the point of registration.

How to Apply for UNILORIN Postgraduate Admission Form

The application fee for all programmes is N25, 000.00 only for Applicants within Nigeria OR $200.00 only for International Applicants.

Application forms are to be completed online and will close on 26 April 2024. Successful applicants would be notified through their University of Ilorin application portal.


This announcement also serves as an invitation to the Qualifying Examination scheduled for Saturday, 8th June 2024. It is crucial that all applicants provide a current mobile phone number and email address to ensure they receive all necessary communications. The University cannot be held liable for any issues arising from incorrect contact details provided by applicants. Please regularly check your emails and phone for updates.

Important Notice

  • Course Availability
    • Only the courses listed in this advertisement are open for the session. Candidates should ensure they apply for available courses as stated in this advertisement.
  • Application Guidelines
    • Candidates are urged to carefully read and fully understand this advertisement before starting the application process.
    • The university will not be held responsible for errors resulting from incorrect applications.
  • Postgraduate Academic Session
    • The academic year for postgraduate programmes spans 12 calendar months, beginning on 26 August and ending on 30 July the following year. The period commences from the date of first registration.
    • Programmes automatically conclude after the prescribed maximum duration for each programme has expired. Candidates may request an extension of up to six months, with a maximum of two such requests allowed.
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