JAMB: List of Prohibited Items in Exam Hall

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What Not to Bring to the JAMB 2024 Exam Hall – Official Banned List. Have you ever wondered what you can’t bring into a JAMB examination hall? With the updated list of prohibited items for the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), candidates are urged to take note and comply.

JAMB List of Prohibited Items

Why has JAMB decided to ban these specific items, and how will this impact your examination experience? Read on to uncover the rationale behind these decisions and what you need to do to prepare.

The latest JAMB 2024 news highlights JAMB’s zero-tolerance policy towards examination malpractice. By prohibiting these items, JAMB aims to ensure a level playing field for all candidates and uphold the integrity of the UTME.

JAMB List of Prohibited Items in Exam Hall

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the items strictly forbidden in the JAMB exam hall, as per the “latest JAMB news 2024”:

Mobile Phones or Similar Electronic Devices

This includes even switched-off phones, tablets, and any device with communication capabilities.


Smartwatches with any additional functionalities beyond basic timekeeping are not allowed.

Pen or Biro (Except Approved)

If it will be allowed, it’ll only be blue or black. Double-check for any additional instructions regarding specific pen types.

Spy or Reading Glasses (Unless Medically Prescribed)

Unaided vision is expected during the exam.

Calculators (Except Approved Models)

JAMB prohibits students from bringing calculators into the examination hall.

USB Drives, Hard Disks, or Similar Storage Devices

No external storage devices are allowed.

Books or Any Reading/Writing Material (Except JAMB-Approved)

Rely solely on your prepared knowledge; no external reference materials are permitted.

Cameras and Recorders

Capturing visuals or audio within the exam hall is a serious offence.

Microphones and Earpieces

These can be used for unauthorised communication.

Stationery and Miscellaneous Items

  • Pens/biros
  • Smart lenses
  • Books or any other reading/writing material
  • Ink/pen readers
  • Key holders
  • ATM cards
  • Erasers
  • Smart rings/jewellery

Instructions to parents and guardians

The latest JAMB news bulletin also stresses the importance of parental involvement. While offering support is crucial, parents and guardians must strictly adhere to JAMB regulations. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Review JAMB website: Familiarise yourself with the banned items list and discuss it with your child.
  • Advise against loitering near exam centres: JAMB strictly prohibits parents from being present during the exam. Respect these guidelines to avoid penalties for your child.

Dr. Fabian Benjamin, a spokesperson for JAMB, emphasized the necessity of adhering to these rules. In previous examinations, candidates who did not comply were disqualified and faced severe consequences.

Biometric Verification Guidelines

Primary Mode of Admission

Biometric verification remains the sole method for admitting candidates into the examination centres. This process is mandatory and must be followed without exception.

Handling Verification Issues

Candidates who encounter issues with biometric verification should not be delayed. Instead, they should be recaptured at the centre before their departure. Only genuine cases will be considered for further action.

Role of Biometric Verification in Attendance

It’s important to note that there is no other form of attendance registration apart from biometric verification. This method will also serve as the attendance register during the examinations.

Instructions for Examination Officials

Examination officials, including security personnel, are tasked with ensuring strict adherence to all the guidelines. It is vital that all involved in the examination process comply with these rules to ensure a smooth and fair examination experience for all candidates.

preparing for the 2024 UTME, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with JAMB’s regulations. Understanding and adhering to these guidelines will not only smoothen your examination process but also enhance the overall integrity of the examinations. Remember, compliance with JAMB’s protocols is in your best interest and key to your success in the UTME.

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