Top 5 plagiarism Checkers that helps to make your academic life easier

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Every student has the right to write his ideas uniquely and distinctly. To write something unique in one’s style requires plagiarism-free content. There must not be someone else’s ideas that resemble yours.

Plagiarized content was never a good impression of anyone’s work. Your real hard work and efforts can be destroyed if there will be any duplication found. Once plagiarism is found, no matter how it came, it always looked bad.

Top 5 plagiarism Checkers that helps to make your academic life easier
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To stay away from this, you should always check your writings through plagiarism-checking applications and tools. These tools are freely available to have access. Anyone can use these applications.

These plagiarism checking tools help you to discover plagiarism in your writings. Doing it manually takes a lot of effort and time. It cannot be done by a single human. You may need a whole team and a lot of time. The top best plagiarism checking tools are portrayed in detail with their characteristics and features.

Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo

Top 5 plagiarism Checkers that helps to make your academic life easier

Prepostseo plagiarism checker is one of the best online tools of the current times. It helps its users in incredible ways. The users fully depend on this tool for their plagiarism detection. To make their academic life better, every student should look at these applications.

1.     Straightforward and Easy

Every writer can use this app easily because it can check a huge quantity of data. This tool is great for students and writers. Anyone can use it very easily because it works fast and is a free plagiarism checker app.

2.     Academic improvement

It is effective for academic writers to write unique and new content. There are no worries about the duplication of the data. After writing, they can easily check their writings with the data of the previous research available on the database.

3.     Unconditional security and authenticity

Writing is every writer’s task and accomplishment. Nobody can take the risk of leaking their writings. This tool gives complete safety to its users. One should make sure about the security of the tool before using it. In the additional information, the results or outcomes would be solely accurate. There would be no danger of errors.

4.      Citation and multiple language support

If you find any plagiarism in your writings,  It shows the sources from where the data is copied, to match the reference. It offers full results with references. Likewise, it has numerous language characteristics. The user can check the language in any of these languages. This tool can be helpful around the nation because of its different languages feature.

How this tool works:

  • Copy the data that you want to check and paste it into the input field, a file, or if it is in a picture form.
  • Click on the check button for the final results.

It gives you the percentage that how much of the data is plagiarised.

* For the Visitors, the word limit is nearly 1000 words.

* For the  Basic Users, the ultimate limit is 1500 words.

* For the  Basic Premium Users, the word limit is roughly 5000 words.

* For the  Standard Premium Users, the word limit is approximately  15000 words.

* For the Company Premium Users, it is exact 25000 words


Top 5 plagiarism Checkers that helps to make your academic life easier

For all the writers and students out there, it is one reason and easiest plagiarism checking tool. Students can examine plagiarism in their writings effortlessly. It is the best for android users.

These are some key features of the plagiarism checker

  • Firstly, your data is safe and protected on this tool.
  • In almost 90 languages, your writings can be checked.
  • SD cards can also be used to install it, it made this more convenient.
  • Moreover, it enables you to test your grammar and spelling as well.
  • All formats are supported.
  • Capitalization of the letters is also checked in this tool.
  • There is no need to register yourself if you are not interested.
  • It also has a choice of google voice which is very helpful.
  • You can find up to 25k words at a time.
  • The output will be straightforward to understand.
  • A huge amount of data can be checked very conveniently.
  • Most importantly, it checks the plagiarism with all the data available on the google
  • It has a possibility of multiple files.
  • This tool works extraordinary for android it is one of the decent and simplest plagiarism checking tools.


Top 5 plagiarism Checkers that helps to make your academic life easier

It can be used as a multi-purpose plagiarism checker. Exclusively accessible to every user for example teachers, students, content writers, etc. It compares your data with almost 130+ countries. Like any other app or tool, this one also has some features. Let’s discuss some points.


–  It delivers a report of the data instantly.

– It provides valid results in less than a minute.

– Expert and well-educated linguists run this tool.

– If you want recommendations for your writing, they will give you some, as per your writing.

– They also guide you with your grammar.

– They can scan your spellings exclusively.

– It is always free to use.

– The plagiarism tool works rapidly.

–  The result of the given input cannot be saved.

There are choices available i.e.

Basic and premium


* This tool is free to use.

* For this purpose, the space of 5 pages is available.

* Grammar and spelling are also noticed.

* It has a Writing suggestion tool.

* The scoring of the writing is automated.


* Additionally, It has a grammar and spelling checker, and a writing suggestions option.

* The best thing is, no advertisements.

* You can either upload the image or file.

* The processing is quicker than basic.


Top 5 plagiarism Checkers that helps to make your academic life easier

Grammarly is an incredible online plagiarism checker tool. It works multi purposely. The first purpose is to detect plagiarism. The other purpose is to look at the grammatical mistakes.

Many companies in the world benefit from this tool. You can use it for writing purposes as well.

It has some options for the writer and students, for example, a grammar checker feature to check their grammar, an essay, or tone checker for the impression of the writings, a style guide to make your unique style visible, etc. These characteristics help you to improve the quality of your academic writing. The fundamental features of this tool make it unique and different from other plagiarism detectors.

Enhance your compositions

As I have already told you, the second main function is to correct grammatical errors and mistakes. In this way, it makes your writing better and more qualitative. It will highlight your mistakes automatically.  It increases the standards of your writing by giving you more keywords.

In contrast with previous data

This tool compares your work with billions of other pages that are saved on their databases. It shows plagiarism and some other mistakes as well for example grammar errors, spelling and punctuation mistakes, etc.

The method of checking plagiarism

Like all the other tools, this checker gives you the option to upload or insert the file there to check the results. Unexpectedly, you don’t have the possibility of copy-pasting the data.

Authentic and accurate

The plagiarism checker of Grammarly is an accurate and authentic report maker. Outcomes will be 100% accurate. This tool works efficiently, there are no risks of mistakes and errors.

Free or a premium one

It also provides you with both these versions. Free or premium. It depends on your usage. If you want some basics only, the free version is best for you.  To get advanced and additional features, go for the premium. . For the premium, it is 12$ per month.



For all the academic writers out there, this is the best tool for their literary work. If you are interested in checking plagiarism in literary works, novels, scripts, or books, this tool is for you. It gives you next-level grammar and style-checking opportunities.

It improves the standard of your writing. It is helpful for fiction and nonfiction writers, students and bloggers, business and content makers, etc.  Some of the key features of ProWritingAid  are :

Key points

  1. High-quality vocabulary and eliminating grammatical mistakes can strengthen the quality of the writing.
  2. It helps you to connect with your thoughts and ideas.
  3. There are no advertisements to confuse you.
  4. It informs you of your readability.


Every academic student has access to these tools. This invention is most suitable for the students and writers who work on thesis and research papers. A lot of their time can be saved and it costs them nothing. Academic writing has many requirements from the checking point of view. All of them are covered under these tools. They don’t have to run for many tools. Grammar and spelling corrector s are their fundamental necessities. Before making something official, they go through these tools to overview their writings. Healthy use of any tool is remarkable practice.

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