What are the Best Paraphrasing Tools for University Students?

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What are the Best Paraphrasing Tools for University Students?

University students have to submit numerous academic writings during their course whether in the form of essays, papers, thesis, or dissertations. However, they need to consult and take references from published sources to have a thorough research before writing.

During academic writing, they can’t state someone else’s ideas or words as it is. They just need to mention them in their own words to avoid plagiarism. For this purpose paraphrasing is employed either manually or via the tool.

What are the Best Paraphrasing Tools for University Students?

This article throws light on some of the best paraphrasing tools used by university students.

What is Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a writing technique devised a long time ago to evade plagiarism. The paraphrase while retaining its meaning changes the sentence structure, readability, and words’ synonyms to form a completely unique copy of the original text.

Thus the sentence created after paraphrasing is a completely new sentence having distinct synonyms of words in the original text and a form of sentence structure.

In this way, plagiarism is completely ruled out from the text as the new text is created as a new form of a sentence with different synonyms involved. Paraphrasing text is legal and allowed to university students.

Paraphrasing Tool

If you are having a hard time with paraphrasing, you should consider using a tool to do it for you. A paraphrasing tool will automatically paraphrase the text, so you don’t have to think about finding synonyms and changing the sentence.

The paraphrasers also ensure that the meaning of the original paragraph remains. It is simple to use and produces perfect results quickly while retaining the context.

Paraphrasing tools available online are also free to use most of the time while premium tools require you to buy their subscriptions for optimum results. For unlimited paraphrasing in no time, you can opt for any paraphrase tool that suits your needs.

Best Paraphrasing Tools

Below are mentioned some of the best paraphrasing tools that can assist university students with their academic writings and assignments.


The AI-powered software uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to rephrase the content. Its limited words version is free but to paraphrase unlimited words you need to buy premium plans.

QuillBot can rephrase both bland and technical text, however, for university students, it’s the best of all choices. It can even rephrase scientific scholarly articles but students must not forget to cite their sources.

A free version is available, as is a forever-free trial. The premium version is capable of producing citations, rewriting sentences, and checking grammar and usage. Moreover, it offers a built-in thesaurus that suggests synonyms based on their relevancy and similarity.

Using QuillBot, students can make their sentences sound natural, avoiding the use of slang or awkward words. While using a paraphrasing tool is convenient, some instructors have concerns. QuillBot does not cite its sources when it rephrases text.

That is why you should always cite the source before closing a phrase or paragraph. After using QuillBot, make sure that you proofread the final results before you submit them. There is no guarantee that QuillBot won’t copy the original text, but it can help you structure your sentences correctly and avoid plagiarism.

With an easy-to-use interface and customizable features, it’s a great tool for university students to operate. Even though it’s a little expensive, it offers superior accuracy and time optimization. You can use the free trial version for a limited time, and you can check your work before making a purchase.


Here comes another best option for students to create error-free, unique content. Yes, parapgrasing.io works effectively to help students keep plagiarism from academic assignments.

This online paraphrasing tool requires the students to enter their content (either passage by passage or as a whole) and hit the paraphrase button. No matter how complicated the wording is, this tool will take only a few seconds to rewrite the content and make it unique.

Every student can use this paraphrasing tool’s advanced rewriting modes to not only remove plagiarism but also improve their writing skills. Multiple paraphrasing modes are available, each of which can be used to perfect the tone per the required writing style. Whether the students need to rewrite simple statements in a completely formal tone or make word choices more creative, this paraphrasing tool will cover them all.

What are the Best Paraphrasing Tools for University Students?


The best thing is that this tool doesn’t require students to create an account or pay a subscription fee to paraphrase content for their assignments. This paraphrasing tool is free and guaranteed to deliver 100% accurate results.

All the students and especially researchers, can use it to rewrite content for essays, research papers, or any other type of academic assignment at superspeed.

If you are a university student you must have heard about the Paraphrasing tool AI from any senior or professor. The process of paraphrasing requires you to visit several websites. In addition to that, it is also very time-consuming.

Paraphrasing tool AI can spin content into a plagiarism-free article that is easily understood. With its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, the Paraphrasing tool AI can help you ace your academic assignments.

The tool uses NLP technology and can produce high-quality human-readable articles. It works in all major web browsers and supports English, French, Spanish, German, and several other languages.

Paraphrasing tool AI works with in-built artificial intelligence to make your writing more readable. This tool uses AI to identify the context of an original document and paraphrase content accordingly. It also detects errors in spelling and grammar.

Paraphrasing tool AI has an extensive vocabulary for paraphrasing, so you can insert appropriate phrases into your text. The tool is simple to use, and it’s free for a trial. You can also choose to pay a monthly subscription plan for $99. The monthly fee is reasonable and the software offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What are the Best Paraphrasing Tools for University Students?

Spin Rewriter

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you rewrite articles for publication, consider using Spin Rewriter. This paraphrasing tool produces multiple, unique versions of a single article to remove plagiarism completely.

Once you’ve completed your first spin, the tool will automatically save the rewritten article online so that you can read it again. Spin Rewriter also has a customer support team that can help you if you need help.

It works by analyzing original texts and producing 1,000 variants. Its customizable parameters allow you to choose synonyms and spin metrics that suit your particular needs. It is easy to use and can generate paraphrasing articles that are free of plagiarism.

What are the Best Paraphrasing Tools for University Students?

Another feature of this paraphrasing tool is its massive database of articles. It’s possible to spin a large volume of content in under 30 seconds, and it’s widely considered the best paraphrasing tool for university students.

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the content of input and uses the resulting results to ensure originality. You can also check the rewritten articles with a plagiarism checker tool to ensure their authenticity.


If you’re a university student, you may be wondering how a paraphrasing tool can help you. A paraphrasing tool is a tool that can help you rephrase the text in a unique way, and it can check for plagiarism and word density.

Paraphrasing is a key component of writing – every writer has his or her own way of capturing the reader’s attention. But while you can write on similar subjects, a paraphrasing tool can help you change your style and avoid copying.

It is a powerful paraphrasing tool that allows you to quickly spin content. CleverSpinner paraphrasing tool is one of the most accessible paraphrasing tools on the market, and it is preferred by researchers, students, and professionals alike.

It converts words and sentences at all levels, understanding meaning before spinning. If you’re a university student, CleverSpinner is an excellent choice. The program can spin up to 500 words per minute, and you can take advantage of a free three-day trial.


REF-N-WRITE, a paraphrasing tools for university students, is now available as a Word add-in. The tool includes new buttons and options to search through and identify academic phrases.

With this tool, university students can compare their own writing with that of their peers, providing valuable feedback for the writing process. However, the tool is not a substitute for learning how to paraphrase.

The academic phrase bank is a database of English phrases. Students can use the academic phrase bank by selecting a text in MS Word and clicking the ‘Writing Ideas’ button.

This database of phrases is derived from peer-reviewed scientific papers and journals. These phrases are generic in nature, so they can be used without plagiarism concerns. Moreover, REF-N-WRITE’s phrase bank contains synonyms of academic words and phrases.

One of the most important aspects of a paraphrasing tool is its accuracy. This paraphrasing tool does not change the grammar, word order, or structure of the original text.

It also ensures that students don’t copy the sentence structure of the source text. It also avoids using colloquial terms, which can have different meanings depending on the context.

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