What are the Best Paraphrasing Tools for University Students?

University students have to submit numerous academic writings during their course whether in the form of essays, papers, thesis, or dissertations. However, they need to consult and take references from published sources to have a thorough research before writing.

During academic writing, they can’t state someone else’s ideas or words as it is. They just need to mention them in their own words to avoid plagiarism. For this purpose paraphrasing is employed either manually or via the tool.

What are the Best Paraphrasing Tools for University Students?

This article throws light on some of the best paraphrasing tools used by university students.

What is Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a writing technique devised a long time ago to evade plagiarism. The paraphrase while retaining its meaning changes the sentence structure, readability, and words’ synonyms to form a completely unique copy of the original text.

Thus the sentence created after paraphrasing is a completely new sentence having distinct synonyms of words in the original text and a form of sentence structure.

In this way, plagiarism is completely ruled out from the text as the new text is created as a new form of a sentence with different synonyms involved. Paraphrasing text is legal and allowed to university students.

Paraphrasing Tool

If you are having a hard time with paraphrasing, you should consider using a tool to do it for you. A paraphrasing tool will automatically paraphrase the text, so you don’t have to think about finding synonyms and changing the sentence.

The paraphrasers also ensure that the meaning of the original paragraph remains. It is simple to use and produces perfect results quickly while retaining the context.

Paraphrasing tools available online are also free to use most of the time while premium tools require you to buy their subscriptions for optimum results. For unlimited paraphrasing in no time, you can opt for any paraphrase tool that suits your needs.

Best Paraphrasing Tools

Below are mentioned some of the best paraphrasing tools that can assist university students with their academic writings and assignments.


The AI-powered software uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to rephrase the content. Its limited words version is free but to paraphrase unlimited words you need to buy premium plans.

QuillBot can rephrase both bland and technical text, however, for university students, it’s the best of all choices. It can even rephrase scientific scholarly articles but students must not forget to cite their sources.

A free version is available, as is a forever-free trial. The premium version is capable of producing citations, rewriting sentences, and checking grammar and usage. Moreover, it offers a built-in thesaurus that suggests synonyms based on their relevancy and similarity.