Top 10 Best State in Nigeria to Live In

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Top 10 Best State in Nigeria to Live In – Nigeria is a country that’s full of what the white would call ‘black people’. There are strong men and women who despite their economy knows how to struggle and hustle to earn a living.

When it comes to endurance and courage, you can think about Nigeria. Nigerians have always known how to survive no matter the harsh situation.

There are also some beautiful sight to behold in some of the state in Nigeria.  In this article, we want to look at the top 10 best state in Nigeria and why are they the best states? We would find out.

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Top 10 Best State in Nigeria to Live In

1. Lagos State

Lagos is a place that’s full of life and a boisterous place. There are places that are popular there because of how expensive it is to get a home there. Places like: Ajah, Lekki, Banana Island. They are beautiful places.

When it comes to industries and companies, Lagos has a lot of them thereby giving a job opportunity for youngster that are graduate.

It is also known for entertainment and a place for tourist to behold some beautiful sight. Though Lagos is so populated because of the job opportunity there. Lagos state is often referred to as the economic and commercial capital of Nigeria and West Africa as a whole.

2. Cross River State

Calabar, its capital is often referred to as the most beautiful city in Nigeria which makes it a tourist attraction. The place is nice and peaceful. The state boast of nice delicacy. Calabar can be very secure especially when you are looking for a place you need to take a break or vacation.

3. Abuja

This is the seat of government and there are so many places that would attract you in Abuja. Though many would say the cost of living in Abuja is so high yet the place is well planned and it could be equalized with Lagos when it comes to opportunity, wealth and economy. It’s not as populated as Lagos. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria.

4. Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom State is a beautiful one. The city is Uyo. Uyo is very peaceful and the indigenes are very accommodating. Uyo has a good road network. There are also places that are for tourist attraction.

5. Oyo state

Oyo state is a commercial and economic one with opportunities and it could guarantee you the peace that you need. Most travelers go through Ibadan which is the city of Oyo to get to their various state. Ibadan is more historic because if you are interested in Yoruba culture you have to acknowledge the state. The history of Yoruba began from there.

6. River state

This state has tourist attraction. If you love adventures, you can come to river state. Though it is known as the richest state in Nigeria because it’s an oil producing state. It’s located in the south-south region of Nigeria.

7. Delta state

Delta state is a beautiful place with good road network. If you are a type that’s an extrovert and you love noisy environment; you can come to Warri. Warri is a place in Delta state and people there are known to speak pidgin.

8. Kaduna state

This is a northern state and I tell you if you are a foreigner, the people there would treat you well. They are so much accommodating. Many of them speak Hausa language. You can also learn another language that’s interesting.

9. Imo state

The capital of the state is Owerri. There are two things they have in abundance which is school and hotel. You would see a lot of student there from different state and country for their education. There are attractive sight to behold as well in the state. It houses tourist attractions like the Oguta Lake, Ada palm plantation, Mbari cultural and art center amongst many others.

10. Enugu state

This state  is often referred to as the ‘coal city’.  The capital of Enugu is Enugu. the new yam festival and masquerade festivals are one of the popular celebrations to be experienced.

Take that bold step to explore this state if you are into adventures. Best of luck!!!

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