Richard Mofe Damijo Net Worth, Wife, and Social Life

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Richard Mofe Damijo Net Worth, Wife, and Social Life
Nigerian film production is generally segmented along geographical, and to a lesser extent, ethnic, and religious lines. As a result, various film industries exist, each attempting to capture the issues facing the group or race that the group represents. The majority of the regional industries are represented in the English-language film industry, which is a melting pot for filmmaking.
Richard Mofe Damijo Net Worth

Nollywood, as the Nigerian film industry is more widely known, is now acknowledged as one of the biggest in the world. Star actors, better production values, and passionately enthusiastic global audience engagement are all present in the nation’s developing film industry. But these developments didn’t happen until recently when it transitioned from the Golden Era’s direct-to-video hits to its current state—the new wave, which is more contentiously referred to as “New Nollywood.”

Richard Mofe Damijo, also known as RMD, is a member of the Urhobo tribe from Delta State. RMD is a seasoned Nigerian actor, producer, lawyer, writer, and former commissioner for culture and tourism in Delta state in 2009. Actor Richard Mofe Damijo has been married twice. His first wife was a Nigerian journalist and publisher named May Ellen-Ezekiel. Oghenekome Mofe Damijo is the son of Richard Mofe Damijo and May Ellen-Ezekiel. Sadly, this marriage with May ended in 1996 when she passed away as a result of complications from a fibroid procedure.

Richard Mofe Damijo remarried in 2000, four years after the passing of May Ellen-Ezekiel, this time to Jumobi Adegbesan. After three years of courtship, Jumobi Adegbesan and Richard Mofe Damijo exchanged vows to become husband and wife.

Jumobi Adegbesan, the wife of Richard Mofe Damijo, is the subject of the following exposé:


Jumobi Adegbesan was born in Lagos State on the 27th of January 1972.

  • WORK

In the 1990s, Jumobi Adegbesan Mofe Damijo worked as a television host for African Independent Television (AIT). She used to be very well-known for hosting the Lunch Break show. She hosted a well-known program on African Independent Television in the 1990s called Lunch Break. She hosted talents from many fields and talked about current issues on this unique music and entertainment show. People called in to request songs to be played throughout the show. People have the chance to view current music videos during the presentation. Jumobi gave up her position as a television host after getting married to Richard Mofe Damijo in 2000. After that, she started working in the corporate and business sphere.


Richard Mofe Damijo and Jumobi Adegbesan got married on December 29, 2000. They had been for more than 20 years. With Richard, she has two boys and two girls totaling four kids. She also has two stepgrandchildren and is the stepgrandmother of one. With her husband, she has gradually established a really good family.

Oghenekome Mofe Damijo, Jumobi’s step-son, is happily married to Eniola, his dream girl. The pair wed in 2013 and are now parents to a boy and a girl who are both gorgeous.

Nicole Mofe Damijo is Jumobi’s first child with Richard Mofe Damijo. One of Nicole’s greatest achievements was when she attended the summit of the Obama Foundation and was then chosen by Barack Obama for a conversation to discuss her life and work. RMD, Nicole’s father, could not contain his happiness as he praised Nicole’s accomplishments on social media.

Jumobi’s first child with Richard Mofe Damijo is Oghentega Mofe Damijo. Tega has a significant social media following. He was born on July 8, 2001, to Jumobi. Jumobi Adegbesan and her husband attended Tega’s high school graduation in the US in 2018. Tega Mofe Damijo appeared in the television soap opera Mr. X’s family.

Efemena Titilayomi Mofe Damijo is Jumobi’s second child with Richard Mofe Damijo. 2019 saw Efe’s high school graduation in the United States of America.

About her fourth kid with Richard Mofe Damijo, not much is known.

She has avoided social media in an effort to keep her private affairs and those of her family private from prying eyes, but her husband won’t stop praising her on his page. She is affectionately referred to as Aabike, Oluwaseunfunmi, and Adunmaradun by him. Oluwaseunfunmi means “God did this one for me,” and Aabike means “the one to be taken care of.”

  • Richard Mofe Damijo NET WORTH

Jumobi Adegbesan Mofe Damijo’s net worth is $150,000.


Jumobi is not on any social networking platforms. She thinks that doing this would shield her house from curious onlookers.


On one of her breasts, Jumobi Adegbesan Mofe Damijo has a butterfly tattoo. Since she left African Independent Television (AIT), she has experienced great success in both her business and the corporate sector.

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