How To Pass Uniuyo Post UTME Examination, 2023

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How To Pass Uniuyo Post UTME Examination, 2023

Here i want to share some special secrets/hints of how you can write and pass Uniuyo post UTME Examination in
your very first attempt. While writing Post UTME has been a nightmare to some people, to others it has
been fun.

How To Pass Uniuyo Post UTME Examination

The Post UTME is serves as a second level of test when students must have passed the normal Jamb
with the required cut-off mark. Students develop different kind of sickness (phobia) as soon as they hear
about examination especially the once they feel is a bit tough like Uniuyo Post UTME.



UNIUYO Cut off Mark for all Courses  and Departmental Cut Off Point

UNIUYO Pre-degree Admission Form

In fact, there is one popular slogan back then in school when I was a student “school sweet but na exams spoil am” from this you can tell how much the students fear/hate examination, but how on earth will you ever move to
the next level of education without examination? That’s almost impossible if not impossible.

There is a popular saying that examination or results doesn’t necessarily tell the intelligence of
someone, very true though but in case of admission into tertiary institution you sure need a good result
as you present it first even before yourself.

So in as much as you know you are intelligent you equally need a good result to back it up and you can only achieve that by doing well in your examinations.

There are some people who do extremely well in examinations but cannot really stand to defend it on a one-
on-one situation. Well it is shame because you need to balance it up so you don’t look suspicious. But on
the other hand others can’t do the examination side but can express on a one-on-one situation, well you
are about reading the most interesting article that will help change your life forever.

So, here are a few secrets that will help you pass your Uniuyo Post UTME examination:

1. Adequate Preparation

You must have heard of this popular saying “if you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail”, that is
extremely true except for some iota of luck. Now, how do you prepare for Post UTME examination?
Well, different people have their different ways of preparing for examination but I am going to share the
general method which I think has work for good percentage of people including myself. We all know
examination doesn’t just come one day, one must have information before any exams be it days, month
or even up to a year so here is what you do.

i. Prepare a reading schedule: It doesn’t necessarily mean writing it on the wall but having a
scheduled time to when you want to read, be it once a day, twice a day, at night or just anyhow
you want it.

ii. Read to know: At times most people read just to pass examination which is why most of them
fail in the end. I had a friend back then in school who will analyze and discuss everything about a
particular course, in-fact you will feel he is the best student in that area but as soon as he gets
into the exams hall he forgets everything he read, well, what I came to understand he did was
quote the lines on the book without having the understanding of what he read. So once the
examiner twists the question a little bit he gets confused. Don’t be a victim of that, read to
understand so no matter how the question comes you already have answer to it.

2. Study Your Curriculum and Equally Read Wide Too

It is very necessary to know the scope of your course that will help you to know exactly what to study.
For some institution questions are usually submitted as soon as each academic session starts so even if
the lecturers fail to cover what they’ve set you will still have to take the examination, so it is important
to know your curriculum. Most examiners set questions that they dint necessarily touch but still in the
field, meaning you still need to read wide in the same field.

3. Go Through Their Past Questions

Going through the Uniuoy post UTME Examination past question may prove to be very useful. As a matter of fact
most of the questions are being recycled from the previous examinations over the years.

4. Having The Right Mindset

The English dictionary defines MINDSET as a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines
how you will interpret and respond situation. Examination presents a very tough moments no doubt for
anybody (having to carry out some set of task without any reference of any kind), but how do interpret
and respond to such moments? That is when the word mindset comes in. Try as much as possible to tell
yourself you can do it, talk some confidence and believe to yourself just when your mentality seems to
be down, direct your mind to the possibilities ahead even when everything looks impossible, have that
mind of carrying on even when you feel like stopping.

5. Don’t Over Depend on Past Questions

This is just a secret of mine, I never bought or read a past question neither did I ever failed any course till
I graduated, Unbelievable right? Well, that’s very true. In as much as past questions are very useful in
giving an insight to what you should expect in a particular examination, past questions can be misleading
as well, but only if you over depend on it. Imagine sitting down to study past questions only for the
examination to come in a very different format, you will certainly look confused and disjointed in-fact it
will seem as if you dint prepare at all.

A good combination of past question studying and equally reading to understand will do you a great
deal of favor.

6. Have Confidence

One has to posses some percentage of confidence going into any examination. You may know what to
do but once you don’t have the confidence doing what you want to then you may end up making
mistake or may not make the most out of what you know. Self-confidence is very important in doing
whatever you want to as it helps you in doing them without fears or doubt.

7. Be Calm During and Double Check After Exams

This is when the case of over-confidence comes in. Like we all know nobody is above mistake so there is
need to be careful while dispatching what you know else you end up switching the wrong thing for right.
So, when writing exams next time you’ve got to be calm, composed, keep it simple and straight to the
point. Now after writing you need to go through it again to ensure minimal or no mistake.

Hope this article helped you? You can have your say in the comment section.

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