List of Outsourcing Companies in Lagos

Outsourcing is a business practice in which a company or organisation employs a third party to perform tasks, balance operations or provide services for the company and its subscribers.
List of Outsourcing Companies in Lagos
In some special cases, a company could hire a professional third party to help transfer assets, products and services from one company to another.
Again, outsourcing could go deep to handover hand over public service to private organisation or enterprise on a specific period of time depending on what the company wants.
This process, unlike offshoring does not need to take place in a separate country for it to be termed “outsourcing”, it could be done in the same country or state as the case may be.
In this sense companies involve in
outsourcing business outside Nigeria can use the International Manufacturing Contracts to produce in low cost countries like Asia and Latin America.
However, this article is unique to companies in Lagos. So, if you are looking for top outsourcing companies in Lagos, you are not very far as we have wrapped the best Outsourcing companies that we have in Lagos.

List of Outsourcing Companies in Lagos

1. Workforce Group

Workforce is one of the best outsourcing company in Lagos. They specialise mainly with the act of controlling human resources, outsourcing and business consulting, HR consulting, recruitment, training, verification, outsourcing, assessment, and more.

2. Kimberly Ryan

The main services the company renders are providing creative HR solutions, reliable service, collaborative service, and lots more. Apart from Lagos, it has other branches elsewhere.

3. Ashford and McGuire Consulting

Their services include recruitment, performance management, HR transformation. financial management, industrial analysis, and lots more.

4. Gigastreams Consulting

Their services include human capital training and development, customized custom training, career counseling, and development.

5. Accenture Nigeria

The company is well known for providing new and advanced solutions to customers

6. Adexen

Adexen companies are involved in the following: Oil and gas, manufacturing, Maritime, Construction, telecommunication, and lots more.

7. Phillips Consulting

The workshop focuses on an analytical and structured approach to determining capability and building an Integrated Talent Management System (ITMS) …

8. SENCE (Skill enhancement center)

The major services offered by this company are outsourcing of HR staffs, developing HR structures, employment of professional workers, training, staff and career counseling, advisory, and lots more.

9. Ace Human Resource Counseling

Their services include HR outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, recruitment, HR software, compensation and salary surveys, training and development, organizational development, and more.

10. Peoplesource Consulting

Their services include international and local recruitment, learning and development, HR business consulting, HR resource, and software solution.
What Are the Potential Disadvantages of Outsourcing?
Logistical and communication issues
Security vulnerabilities
Structural instability
hidden costs
Outsourcing for customer service has two benefits. First, you provide your customers with consistent customer service. Second, you allow your internal team members to focus on their own tasks, helping your business run more efficiently and ultimately, more reasons why outsourcing is important

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