School of Nursing Katsina Past Questions and Answers Download pdf

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School of Nursing Katsina Past Questions and Answers Download pdf

Admission to the Nursing School is becoming increasingly difficult. This can be linked to the fact that graduates from any health-related subject are hired almost as quickly as graduates from any other field. This feature has caused many people to gravitate towards the school of nursing, making admittance increasingly difficult by the day. However, it is up to each applicant to give it their all.

Meanwhile, reviewing past questions may play an essential role in the whole process and may provide you an advantage over other applicants; therefore, we strongly encourage reviewing past questions for all applicants.

College of Nursing and Midwifery Katsina Past Questions Sample

Nursing school exam questions are not cheap. Below are samples of questions contained in the Kasimu Kofar Bai School of Nursing Katsina Past Questions and Answers. You will get the full copy when you get the material.

In which of the following organisms does a single cell perform all the functions of movement, nutrition, growth, excretion, and photosynthesis?

A. paramecium
B. euglena
C. amoeba
D. spirogyra

Which of the following organs or cell components are common to both the sporophyte and the ametophyte of a fern?

A. rhizoids
B. roots
C. chloroplasts
D. leaves

In which of the following organisms would glycogen be stored?

A. spirogyra
B. clamydomonas
C rattus
D. magnifera

Flame cells are the

A. excretory system of worm
B. excretory and respiratory system of earthworms
C. excretory system of flatworm
D. excretory system of flatworms

Which of the following parts of a cell is living?

A. cell wall
B. mitochondria
C. food vacuole
D. calcium oxalate

How To Download School of Nursing Katsina Past Questions and Answers pdf

The cost of the newly updated School of Nursing Katsina Past Questions and Answers is 2,000 NGN.

Pay to our Bank account and get it through your WhatsApp or email address.

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Assurance Of Delivery

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Our past questions and answers are original and from source. So, your money is in the right hand and we promise to deliver it once we confirm your payment.

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