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Is it really possible to get 1GB for 7 days? If this is your question ,then don’t stop yet. In this article, you will see hot to get airtel 1GB at N200 anytime , any-day.


Here in Nigeria, it is crystal clear that the prices of data bundles are not getting any cheaper anytime soon.

The inflation that has affected every part of the country did not leave data plans this is because service providers now spend extra to be able to provide the quality of service they have previously provided

And who will will bear the brunt of this, the internet users, the surfers, online marketers, social media users, content marketers and creators and every single person that needs the internet for one thing or the other.

This is why the price of data bundles are becoming more and more expensive by the day. You can not purchase as much data as you could previously at the price you bought them then.

So it is either you buy less data at the usual price which will not be enough for you or you opt for a more expensive data plan just so that you can carry out your activities on the internet more comfortably and confidently.

It is even worse when you are on a 3G or 4G network . The rate at which the data is exhausted is surprising.

So you need a backup plan if you plan to remain on this internet space as purchasing 1GB at N1000 is aimed at nothing but to take you back to the stone age. The price is just unreasonable high.

That is why airtel, the second largest network provider in Nigeria has decided to make life easy for their customers by introducing this Airtel N200 1GB at 200.


This has never happened before!

That is to say that you are literally cheating them off their data with their permission.


Being customer oriented,this offer by airtel, is meant to save you the worries of where your next data bundle will come from or checking if you are running a loss in your use of data for your business. Airtel Transfer USSD Code .

With this data bundle, you can comfortably subscribe at any time and enjoy unlimited internet without weighing your pocket over and over again.

So in this article, we would be looking at every single detail about how to get Airtel 1GB at N200.

This is to say that by the time we are done , you should be well grounded on every information pertaining to this data bundle.

By the end of this article, you will not  only be able to subscribe airtel 1GB at N200 for yourself but also for others too as I would leave no stone unturned so far it has to do with this data bundle.

So do not move anywhere yet, hang on as we get to know all that there is to know about this data bundle.

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There are many benefits attached to this Airtel 1GB at N200 that I am sure you will not like to miss out on, no matter what.

Some of these benefits are below.

  • It is cheap. It is not heard that data is sold anywhere for N200 for 1GB so you have no excuse not going for this data a matter of fact, 1GB is sold for N1000, So this kind of offer is not to be overlooked. You cannot get it cheaper anywhere
  • It has no eligibility status applied to it. For this reason,anyone can access it. Both old or new sim. The airtel service providers did not give out any information about this offer aside from the one given out when you want to subscribe to it and just that way ,it has no eligibility status. So you are not restricted my dear. You can also purchase one too.
  • It’s valid for 7 day.  Getting data  this cheap with validity less than this is a waste of time because you won’t end up using it up before it expires. Of what use is expired data.

Now that we have seen mo upset t of the information concerning this data bundle, let’s get prepared to purchase the data bundle.

Getting prepared.

Just take these steps and you will be ready to purchase Airtel 1GB at N200

The following Steps would set you at a position to go.

  1. Register your sim. If your sim is not registered, you do not stand a chance to purchase this offer. So you have to register your sim first of all before taking any further steps.
  2. Link your sim with your NIN. If you don’t have your NIN, then it is time to go register because you will not be needing it for only your sim, you will need it for many other activities so the earlier you do it, the better for you.
  3. And of course, have at least N200 airtime on your sim. I am sure you don’t plan to purchase it with an empty account, so you have to recharge your account.

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Now you are ready to purchase this data any day anytime. So per adventure, you want to purchase this data bundle next time, you will not have to go through the processes above again.


They are once in a lifetime unless you purchase a new sim. Then you have to repeat them on the new sim.

 Airtel 200 for 1gb 7 Days Code

If you are done with the steps above then you can come over here. But if you are not done with the ones above, you have to go back and take them or you won’t be able to access the offer.

  • Dial *141#, this will take you to the menu.
  • Reply 1 to choose my offer.
  • Reply 2 to choose 1GB, valid for seven days.
  • Click okay to confirm it.


You do not have to tear your pocket before you can enjoy unlimited internet. We always provide information on the latest bonuses available on all networks.

So all you have to do is stick with us, visit this blog regularly and we won’t disappoint you.

Congratulations you have purchased 1GB at N200.

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