How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect

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How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect

From the bonuses to the time validity, learn everything there is to know about how to migrate to airtel smart connect.

How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect

Do you find yourself getting low on data all the time? Does  every one of your efforts to manage your chikini airtime and data end in futility because you purchased a relatively small amount  of data? Do you feel like your expenses on data and airtime will be the end of you? Has the rise in the cost of airtime and data made you cut down on how you communicate with your loved ones.

Then listen to me. Staying connected is not really as hard and expensive as it seems to be.

It is still possible to enjoy all of the voice calls,chats and video  video calls with your loved ones while still surfing the internet to your satisfaction without rending your pocket.

I will be showing you how to maximize your money and Make that N100 data do a lot more than a few minutes of calls for you. What can be cheaper than what my current subscription plan ? You may say

Will you believe me when I tell you that you can  Purchase double of your current data bundle at the same price?

Well , it’s possible you have seen it somewhere or you heard about it but , i doubt if you have given it a second trial.

Because if you have, then you wouldn’t be complaining about not having data anymore. Now this super plan I am talking about now is AIRTEL SMART CONNECT.

Airtel smart connect is a tariff plan on the airtel network that allows you to enjoy a 800% bonus on every recharge you make on your sim and 100% bonus in every data you buy.

This includes bonuses for calls, data, and also family and friends. This Tariff plan helps you to maximize every of your recharge


There are numerous bonuses on this tariff plan to make you enjoy every bit of using it. But then, if you don’t know how to migrate to airtel smart connect, you will not be able to enjoy all these benefits

However, you do not worry about it, we will be showing you how to migrate to this smart connect with your new Airtel Sim.

Right now, I want you to look at the bonuses you stand to enjoy with this smart connect.

This bonuses include,

  1. For the first 3 months ,you get to enjoy an 800% bonus for every recharge that is N100 and above .


  1. 100% bonus in your main account,
  2. 250% bonus for voice calls.
  3. 250% bonus for data.
  4. 100% bonus for your social accounts,such as facebook,whatsapp, twitter etc.
  5. And also, 100% bonus on calls made to family and friends (if you have not added persons to your family and friends, do so immediately).
  6. Together with another 100% bonus on every data purchase.
  7. Another amazing bonus is the end of the month data bonus.

At the end of the month, airtel calculates how much recharge you did for the month and returns it to you in the form of data. That is to say, if you recharged a total of  N1000 for the month, on the last day of the month , airtel will return your N1000 , just then you can only use it to browse and not  call. Where can you find a better offer than this?

*It is worthy to note that the Social Media bonus lasts for 7 day, so you have to exhaust it before the end of 7 days or it expires.

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Knowing how to migrate to airtel night smart connect is not a big deal. But you have to  have knowledge of where you are migrating to before you migrate.

This is so that none of its features will take you unawares and also, so that you will be able to maximize all of its benefits.

  • Airtel smart connect is only for prepaid customers.i.e , if you are a postpaid customer,sorry,but you won’t get to enjoy these benefits with us.
  • You need a new sim for this plan. You won’t be able to get on this tariff plan if you are using your old sim. So even if you already have an Airtel Sim, please go and get a new sim before we get to how to migrate to airtel smart connect , if not you will miss out on this wonderful tariff.
  • This tariff is the default tariff for new sims . So once you get your new sim, the first tariff it gets into is connect.
  • Also note that once you migrate out of Airtel smart connect,you can’t migrate back. So if you have a need for another tariff plan, I will advise you to go get another airtel sim for every other tariff plan. But for airtel smart connect,you have to retain that same tariff or you migrate out never to return.


Now that  you have known all that you should know about airtel smart connect, it’s time you see how to migrate to airtel smart connect.

To migrate to airtel smart connect is actually easier than you think.

The following steps will enable you to migrate to this amazing tariff plan without any stress.

1.  But a new airtel sim. It must be a new sim.

2. Locate an airtel shop nearest to you and have this airtel sim registered. You won’t be able to make use of your sim if it’s not registered.

3. Make sure you recharge your sim on the day of the registration.

Have you done that?


You are now on the airtel smart connect tariff plan. Enjoy every single bit of it. While it lasts.

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Things as cheap and amazing as this smart connect are rare to come by, I trust you have learnt how to migrate to airtel smart connect go and enjoy the AWUFU!

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