How to Join Football Academy in Nigeria

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How to Join Football Academy in Nigeria

Football is a beautiful and lovable game enjoyed by many guys in Nigeria. It is one of the most recognized sport in Nigeria. Some guys really have passion to watch and be able to analyze sport not only that but to get themselves enrolled in a Football Academy where they could be trained and be a professional.


There are guys out there who are energetic, able-bodied and willing to give it all it takes to take this football into a new level and make Nigeria proud. You are in the right website if you are willing to join the football Academy but you don’t know how. Let’s start with what is a Football Academy.

What is a football Academy?

A football Academy is an institution where youngster who has passion for football and is willing to pursue it go to so he/she can be trained, equipped, developed to be a professional football player.

In Football Academy, there are special training schemes and techniques being made by the club to help youngster to be refined, managed and guide them. It’s an avenue to meet the club standard.


How to join Football Academy in Nigeria

You join the football Academy by registration. You register through state federation Association. Sometimes, some people go through Nigeria Football Association. The registration is so essential because without it you are making an illegal move.

You need to join the Football Academy when you are willing to build your career on football. It would give you an advantage to play in Europe and other top leagues. The next thing after knowing about the football Academy is to know how much it cost to enroll in a football Academy. We have 5 best football Academy we recommend for you in Nigeria. Check the list below:

5 Best Football Academy in Nigeria

  • Pepsi Football Academy
  • Kwara State Football Academy
  • Midas Football Academy
  • Papilo Football Academy
  • Barcelona Football Academy

Let’s check the how much it cost to enroll in this Academy:

Prices for Registration to Join Football Academy

1) Pepsi Football Academy: N6,000 (players between ages 5 and 14 years), N12,000 (players from 15 years upward)

2) Kwara State Football Academy: N7,500

3) Midas Football Academy: N77,000

4) Papilo Football Academy: N12,500

5) Barcelona Football Academy Nigeria: N13,500

There are also some requirements one needs to be aware of to run a Football Academy and to register your name.

Requirements to Register Your Name in Football Academy

  • There need to be developmental coaches mainly who are trained to nurture the young football players.
  • A well level grass pitch for every of the training session
  • Branded bibs, balls, swipes, cones and dummies for the right practice
  • You need a qualified personnel
  • Equipment world-class training method and facility

These are the right information you need to have to join a football Academy in Nigeria. You are on your way to make Nigeria proud for those interested in joining the Academy. Give us a feedback in case you have a contribution or more inquiry.

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