Best Courses to Study in Nigerian Universities

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Best Courses to Study in Nigerian Universities.

Which courses is the best in Nigeria? A lot of Nigerian students ask this question. We have decided to address a constant problem of students which is choosing the right course of study. A course in academic context can be defined as an area of study or specialization which an individual wishes to acquire knowledge about and subsequently be a professional in the field.

There are a lot of courses in the Nigerian university system. Every aspiring student has a choice to make on which course of study is right for him or her. This depends on the secondary school subject combination and also the UTME scores of individual students.

Are you a student who is constantly struggling to make a choice on which course to study? Then this article is for you. We will give you the ten best courses that are very lucrative currently and which any student can study and get employed with ease.

Best Courses To Study in Nigerian Universities

There are many courses for a student who wants to go to the university to choose from, but these courses are the most lucrative in Nigeria. See them below

  1. Medicine & Surgery

Medicine and Surgery is currently the most lucrative course in Nigeria that is offered in nearly all the universities. Those who study this course eventually graduate to become medical practitioners in various sub-fields.

Following the rate at which the health of people are suffering, the demand for doctors increases each year which is a signal that income for doctors is very high. This course demands a student to be smart, intelligent, teachable, careful, organized and caring. A student who wishes to study medicine and surgery must have been a science student during his or her secondary school days.

  1. Engineering

Engineering has many branches some of which consists of Mechanical engineering, Petroleum engineering, chemical engineering and lot of other branches. It is one of the most lucrative courses to study in Nigeria.

Any student who aspires to be an engineer must have a good background in the sciences. In Nigeria, we have a lot of companies who are in dire need of engineers mostly in the oil and gas sectors. These companies pay their workers very heftily which confirms the fact that engineering is a very lucrative course in Nigeria.

  1. Law

Law is one of the most sought for course in Nigeria. A lot of students in the arts wants to be a lawyer. If you were an arts student in secondary school, then chances are that you want to study law. Being a lawyer is a very lucrative profession. Owing to many disagreements between individuals in the society, cases are often taken to court and those involved would demand the service of a lawyer. But take note, the example above is only a branch of law. That is not what law is entirely about.

Just like engineering, there are other branches of law such as criminal law, property law, domestic law and many other branches. The field of law in Nigeria although lucrative, is very saturated. Not all graduates of law eventually become lawyers.

  1. Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance is also a very lucrative course to study in Nigeria. A lot of student have always dreamt of being a banker. Note, a banker does not necessarily have to work in a bank for example investment bankers.

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Banking & Finance is a commercial course meaning that you must have been a commercial student in your secondary school. You also need to score very high in your UTME to have a chance of studying banking and finance in any university of your choice.

  1. Computer Science

Owing to the fast changing pace at which technology is developing, the need for computer professionals is on the rise. That makes computer science one of the most lucrative course of study in Nigeria. Computer science has been gaining relevance in Nigerian universities as more and more students are applying to study the course.

To study computer science, you must have been a science student in your secondary school. You also need to have a good score in your UTME in order to secure admission into any Nigerian University of your choice.

In this article, we have provided some good information the best courses to study in Nigerian University. Kindly share this article with others and ensure that you use the information on this article to boost your chances of making a proper decision when choosing a course to study.

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