BBNaijaDay 31: Chichi gets a strong Warning

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After Biggie finished reading the rules, he gave her the sound Warning.

Chichi will not be having an outburst for the first time at the occasion with Diana. Since she and other members of the House have frequently disagreed. Some of these incidents were brought on by the irrational behaviour of other Housemates. For instance, on the dance floor, Ilebaye pushed her away from Groovy.
The key question is whether Diana intentionally got into a fight with her for the goal of making headlines, or whether she was upset that another lady had shared some details with her lover, Deji. We can never be sure, but one thing is for certain: she takes her relationship with Deji very seriously.

The disagreement Chichi had with Adekunle during the house exchange involving Deji and Groovy was also brought on by her relationship with Deji. If you need a refresher, Chichi was depressed at Deji’s leaving from Level 1 and took Adekunle’s attempt to hug her personally. She chastised him and warned him to keep away since Adekunle had predicted that her ship with Deji would sink in a game.

Will Chichi be able to maintain her composure over the next several weeks, given that additional women will be occupying Deji’s space, or will there soon be another outburst episode?

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