Day 30: All but Chomzy and Eloswag are fake Nominated – BBNaija

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All but Chomzy and Eloswag are fake Nominated – BBNaija

The Level Up Housemates were completely unaware that their nominations would be invalid because they were made in error during the first round of individual nominations this season. Despite the fact that none of the housemates are facing eviction this Sunday, Biggie held phony nominations in order to keep them in the dark.

This is how the first individual Nominations went:
Diana – Chichi and Sheggz
Rider Rachel – Doyin and Sheggz
Chichi – Allysyn and Adekunle
Bryann – Chichi and Adekunle
Doyin – Hermes and Rider Rachel
Eloswag – Doyin and Amaka
Groovy – Adekunle and Doyin
Daniella – Hermes and Chichi
Amaka – Adekunle and Chichi
Phyna – Adekunle and Chichi
Allysyn – Chichi and Rider Rachel
Bella – Hermes and Amaka
Adekunle – Sheggz and Bella
Hermes – Chichi and Doyin
Sheggz – Adekunle and Rider Rachel
Fake Housemate Modella –
Rider Chizzy – Bella and Sheggz
HoH Chomzy – Giddyfia and Amaka

Giddyfia Doyin and Chichi

Deij Diana and Doyin

Deji Adekunle and Rachel

Modella Nominated Hermes and Amaka

After the nominations, Biggie summoned each Level Up Housemate to the Lounge to hear their destiny. He explained that because Chomzy was the Head of the House, she was exempt from nominations and potential evictions. Additionally, Chomzy’s partner Eloswag would receive the same immunity. Biggie then declared that everyone else may face eviction on Sunday.

This week there won’t be any voting because the nominations are fake. It would be intriguing to see how the Housemates will step up their game in an effort to stay in the House. As the week progresses, will they begin to divulge their plan? The Housemates may try to establish alliances as a result of the fraudulent nominations, which might lead to new connections being made.

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