Day 31: Daniella and Dotun’s budding ship

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The merging of Level 1 and 2 Housemates on Day 29 resulted in the brewing of a few possible ships. As Amaka and Giddyfia grow closer, Dotun and Daniella are now making out. Dotun appears to have been smitten with Daniella for some time.

Daniella and Dotun's budding ship

He confessed to Deji that he had a crush on Beauty, Bella, Ilebaye, and Daniella in a previous chat. He didn’t consider Beauty or Bella because of their relationships in the House. The two have become inseparable since moving into the same House. Dotun and Daniella are constantly pursuing one another.

They converse frequently, and it is reasonable to assume that she is helping Dotun come out of his shell.

Dotun confessed to Deji this morning that Daniella developed a crush on him at the beginning of the Season. She was beginning to like Khalid, but she couldn’t tell if the sentiment was shared. Khalid seemed to Dotun as well as an obstruction. He was counselled by Deji not to give up on his feelings for her because they still have time in the House and she might end up falling for him now that Khalid has been sent out of the Level Up House. Dotun doesn’t want to go into Daniella’s thoughts, therefore he’ll be taking things easy with her.

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