BBNaijaDay 25: Doyin says Deji is sensitive with low self-esteem

BBNaijaDay 25: Doyin says Deji is sensitive with low self-esteem

Doyin “joked” with Deji that he is hiding his approach to Allysyn because he feels nervous about it, and he asked her to be careful what she said. This sparked a discussion about how Doyin speaks her mind without mincing words. Deji remarked, “You don’t use a full stop or comma when you speak. Because of his sensitivity, Doyin believes the two would not get along either within or outside the House.

Doyin says Deji is sensitive with low self-esteem

Doyin used several adjectives to describe Deji during their chat, including “insecure.” She claimed that he lacks confidence. Neither did he treat it lightly. She remarked this as she tried to figure out why he hasn’t pursued Allysyn despite knowing that she likes him.

The fact that Allysyn adores Deji is well known, and it appears that Deji is aware of it. Allysyn shifted her attention away from Adekunle and toward Deji when he arrived. She began by assisting him with the dishes one morning before friend-zoning Adekunle.

Doyin and Adekunle have a discussion going on about Adekunle’s love for Allysyn. He said that, like Allysyn, he is not emotionally committed in a relationship, but Doyin believes he is hiding his emotions. Adekunle requested exclusivity, and Doyin has since made it plain where she sits on the matter. This indicates that, should Allysyn be interested, she is willing to starting another relationship.

Deji, on the other hand, hasn’t expressed a preference for anyone in the House or made any overtures, despite Chichi’s obvious attraction to him.
During their talk, Deji’s energy level was low, and Doyin claimed that since being disqualified from the HoH Games, Deji has been sad and despondent. Doyin, who comforted him and reassured him that he is not a failure for how the HoH Game went, heard him express his disappointment at the defeat. He did not like, though, hearing Doyin describe him as unhappy and depressed.

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