BBNaija Day 24: Chichi got into a war of words with Eloswag

BBNaija Day 24: Chichi got into a war of words with Eloswag

The Level 1 Housemates felt somewhat at ease following the HoH Challenge because they were automatically exempt from nominations for this Sunday’s potential eviction. They still needed to resolve a minor issue, though, if they were to stay in Biggie’s House for another week.
They didn’t win the weekly Wager Task last week, so they wouldn’t be receiving new food this week. Since there was no food supply, they had to make due with what little they had in the House. The discussion about how food would be rationed was led by HoH for the second time immediately following the Nominations Eloswag. Things quickly deteriorated though as he engaged in some back and forth with chichi

Chichi got into a war of words with Eloswag

Evidently, Chichi didn’t like the way Eloswag was managing the problem since she thought it was a little too intense. Eloswag warned her not to speak to him anyway, claiming that he would “flip,” and he was obviously furious. Chichi declared that she was prepared to follow suit, whatever it meant.

When Eloswag declared he wouldn’t think twice if he won the HoH games again, that stunned us during the back and forth. Was he referring to Biggie allowing him to nominate his Level 1 Housemate? People on social media most certainly agree with this.

Later, Adekunle had a conversation with Eloswag during which he briefly explained why he wouldn’t be upset with Chichi because of the way she behaves like his younger brother. Eloswag claimed that he could relate to her because he had tried to get close to her but discovered that she was simply unwilling to modify her negative outlook.

Given that food, which is scarce on Level 1, is quickly becoming a problem, we are eager to see how the dynamics in the House will play out this week.

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