Aminu Dabo College of Nursing Sciences Past Questions

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Aminu Dabo College of Nursing Sciences past questions and answers pdf are now available online for those applicants who wish to sit for the school of nursing entrance examination in Abia state.

If you are looking for Aminu Dabo College of Nursing entrance examination past questions and answers, you have come to the right place. or Aminu Dabo College of Nursing Sciences Past Questions and Answers for Free? You’ve come to the correct place. In Nigeria, you can obtain a copy of the nursing school entrance test old questions.

Past questions for the 2022 Aminu Dabo College of Nursing Sciences admission test in PDF format are accessible online for free, and you may get yours by downloading the pdf.

Obtaining authentic study materials is the best concept you may employ to acquire admission to the Aminu Dabo College of Nursing. You will need the appropriate tools, such as the Aminu Dabo College Past Question of Nursing Paper, as well as knowledge of how many hours you will need to complete your school of nursing aptitude test on exam day.

Nkedugists has always provided questions that you can expect on your school of nursing exam day, making us the finest when it comes to providing prior questions. The Aminu Dabo College of Nursing Past Questions and Answer are compiled from renowned academics and examiners who have attended the school.

Aminu Dabo College of Nursing Sciences Past Questions Online

Which sequence represnts the correct order of
organism in a food chain? 1. Toad, 2.Mucuna, 3.
Grasshopper, 4.Snake, 5.Hawk.
A. 5 4 1 3 2 B. 1 2 3 4 5
C. 2 1 3 4 5 D. 2 3 1 5 4
E. 2 3 1 4 5

In Rhizopus, carbohydrate is stored in the form of
A. glucose B. paramylon C. glycogen D. starch E. oil

Which of the following statements about the rate
of transpiration is INCORRECT? It is
A.dependent on temperature B. affected by changes in
light intensity C. unaffected by humidity
D. dependent on air movement E. affected by
availability of water.

Jointed skeleton’ is absent in the
A. cockroach B. spider C. millipede D. snail
E. dragonfly.

Which of the following statements about the
definition of man is Incorrect? Man has
A. moremolars than incisors B. no diastema
C. the same number of teeth on upper and lower jaws
D. a total of thirty-two teeth E. a total of six molars.

When a Spirogyra cell is immersed in a salt solution
more concentrated than its cell sap, it
A. remains unchanged B. takes up water and burst
C. absorbs a little water D. loses water and shrivel
E. becomes turgid.

Urea is produced in the
A.liver, B.Ladder, C.spleen, D.kidneys.E.gallbladder

What is the genetic ratio of theF2 generation if members of the F generation are allowedtoself-pollinate?

A. 1tall: 3short B. 3 tall:1 short C. 1 tall: 1 short
D. 4 shorts: 0 tall E. 4 tall:0 short

Thepath taken byglucosefromtheileumtothe heartis
A. ileum hepatic portal vein hepatic artery vena
cava heart. B. ileum hepatic portal
artery hepatic artery vena cava heart.
C. ileum hepaticportalvein vena cava heart
D. ileum hepatic vein vena cava heart.
E. ileum hepatic portal vein hepatic vein vena cava

In the reaction M+ N P; H = + Q kJ.

Which of the following would increase the
concentration of the product?

A. Decreasing the concentration of N
B. Increasing the concentration of P
C. Adding a suitable catalyst.
D. Decreasing the temperature

In which of the following processes is iron being
1. Fe + H2 SO4  H2 + FeSO4

2. FeSO4 + H2  S FeS + H2SO4

3 FeCl + CI2  2FeCL3

4 FeCl3 + SnCI2 2FeCL2 +SnCI4

A. 1 only B. 2 only
C. 3 only D. 1 and3
E. 2 and4.

In the reaction Fe + Cu2+ Fe2+ + Cu, iron displaces
copper ions to form copper. This is due to the fact that
A. iron is in the metallic form while the copper is
in the ionic form
B. the atomic weight of copper is greater than
that of ion
C. copper metal has more electrons than ion metal
D. iron is an inertmetal
E. iron is higher in the electrochemical series than copper.

C2H5 C =CH2CH3

The correct name of the compound with the above
structural formula is
A. 2-methylbut-1-ene
B. 2-methylbut-2-ene
C. 2-methylbut-1-ene
D. 2-ethyprop-1-ene
E. 2-ethylprop-2-ene

21. A piece of burning sulphur will continue to burn in a
gas jar of oxygen to give misty fumes which readily
dissolve in water. The resulting liquid is
A. sulphur (1V)trioxide
B. Tetraoxosulphate acid (V1)
C. Trioxosulphate (1V) acid
D. Dioxosulphate (11) acid
E. Hydrogen sulphide

22. Sodium decahydrate (Na2SO4 10H2O) an exposure to air
loses all its water of crystallization. The process of loss
is known as
A. Efflorescence B. Hygroscopy
C. Deliquescence D. Effervescence
E. Dehydration

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