GeedyStar College of Health Tech Past Questions and Answers

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GeedyStar College of Health Tech Past Questions and Answers

Get ready to delve into a treasure trove of knowledge with the PDF soft copy material available for download on this page. This compilation of past entrance examination questions from previous years is a must-have for any serious student. The highly anticipated curriculum features four exciting subject combinations.

The academic world is abuzz with excitement as students gear up to tackle a diverse range of subjects this semester. From the intricacies of Physics to the complexities of Chemistry, the curriculum promises to challenge even the most seasoned scholars. And let’s not forget the fascinating world of Biology, where students will explore the mysteries of life itself. But it’s not all about science – the English Language course promises to hone students’ communication skills and elevate their writing to new heights. Get ready to be captivated by the wonders of academia!

This page has been a game-changer for countless students who have utilised its entrance examination guide. The overwhelming positive feedback from those who have aced their exams is a testament to the effectiveness of this invaluable resource.

For those seeking to excel in the upcoming GeedyStar College of Health Tech Entrance Examination, we highly recommend the use of the Past Questions and Answers PDF. This invaluable resource is sure to provide the necessary edge for success in the highly competitive exam.

Samples Of  GeedyStar College of Health Tech Past Questions



1. The ability of the human eyes to focus both distant and near objects is called?

a) Normal adjustment

b) Visual pathway

c) Reflex blinking

d) Accommodations

2. The organ that supplies nutrient to a foetus and also plays a protective role is called______

a) Umbilical cord

b) Cervix

c) Placenta

d) Uterus

3. The total number of theoracic vertebra in humans is ?

(a) 7

(b) 5


(d) 12

4. The functional and basic unit of the mammalian kidney is the

a) Cortex

b) Nephron

c) Medulla

d) Pyramid

5. The sense of balancing is a function of which part of the mammalian ear

a) Auditory meatus

b) Cochlea

c) Eardrum

d) Semicircular canals.

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