Ali Nuhu Second Wife: Everything You Need to Know

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Ali Nuhu Second Wife: Everything You Need to Know

The Nigerian Film Industry (Nollywood) is widely acknowledged as the second-largest film producer in the world. The industry makes up a sizeable portion of Nigeria’s Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation Sector, which in 2016 contributed 2.3 percent (NGN239 billion) to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With a projected $1 billion in export earnings by 2020, it is one of the priority areas named in the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Economic Recovery and Growth Strategy. To advance Nollywood, however, current issues must be resolved. The Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2017–2021 from PwC offers in-depth expertise and practical insights on the trends reshaping the entertainment and media sector.

Ali nuhu Second Wife

Ali Nuhu is a Nigerian actor, director, producer, scriptwriter, and choreographer. Ali Nuhu has appeared in over 500 movies in the Nollywood and Kannywood film industries over the course of more than two decades. He is a renowned entertainer who has received various honors for his performances in well-known films. In the 2012 award-winning movie Last Flight to Abuja, Ali Nuhu portrayed Dan. Maimuna Garba is wed to Ali Nuhu.

This is all you need to know about Ali Nuhu second wife, Maimuna Garba:


Maimuna Garba is a native of one of the States in Nigeria’s northern region. She graduated from both elementary and secondary school. Higher education data, however, cannot be identified.


In 2003, Maimuna Garba and Ali Nuhu wed using the Nikkah Ceremony, which is an Islamic tradition. Three children—two daughters and a son—have been born into the marriage over the course of nearly twenty years: Fatima Mohammed Nuhu and Nawahir Mohammed Nuhu are the daughters, while Ahmad Mohammed Nuhu is the son. Despite being a devout Muslim in his daily life, Ali Nuhu has only ever been married to Maimuna Garba. The public is kept out of the actor’s marital and family life with his wife and kids. The actor does make commendable claims about his marriage and the supportive spousal assistance his wife, Maimuna Garba, provides, though, in a number of interviews and social media posts.


Maimuna Garba is a stay-at-home mom who is also the wife of a well-known actor.



Borno State residents Late Mr. Nuhum Polom and Late Hajia Fatima Karderam Digema welcomed Ali Mohamed Nuhu into the world on March 15, 1974 in Maiduguri. Ali Nuhu attended elementary and high schools in Kano and Jos despite being a native of the Gombe State town of Balanga. He was born and raised in Balanga. His first school leaving certificate was earned while he was a student at Riga Special Primary School in Sabon Gari, Kano State. Ali Nuhu went to secondary school in Plateau State because Polomo Nuhu had to move around for his business, which required him to do so.

Government Secondary Commercial School, Tofa, and Science Secondary School, Tofa, both in the Plateau State capital of Jos, are where he received his secondary education. Ali Nuhu applied to study geography at the University of Jos in Plateau State armed with his results from the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. After completing his undergraduate study successfully, he received a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. Ali Nuhu sought out additional studies to enhance his acting skills and prepare him for the motion picture entertainment industry. After graduating with a degree in film production and cinematic arts from the University of Southern California, Ali Nuhu traveled to India to enroll in the Asian School of Media Studies, New Delhi.


Ali Nuhu first entered the world of acting in 1999. In the 1999 movie Abin Sirri Ne, he appeared in his first major motion picture role. One actor who has managed to easily fit in as an actor in both the English-speaking Nollywood sector and the Kannywood film industry is Ali Nuhu. Ali Nuhu has appeared in over 500 films throughout the course of his roughly 23 years in the film business, with a significant number of them being Kannywood productions.

One Last Night, The Million, Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons, Banana Island Ghosts, Ojukoro: Greed, Confusion Na Wa, Beautiful Soul, Bitter Generation 1, 2, 3, and 4, Sitanda, Carbin Kwai, Madubin Dubawa, Blood and Henna, Wani Hanin, Dear Affy, Diamonds in the Sky, and a number of other noteworthy films are among those he has produced.


Ali Nuhu has gained massive recognition in the Nollywood and Kannywood movie industries, in terms of size of the audience, number of films featured in, as well as accolades. For his contributions to the movie industry, he has received several awards such as Best Actor in 2005 Arewa Film Award, Best Upcoming Actor award in 2007 3rd Africa Movie Academy Awards, Best Actor in 2008 The Future Award, Best Actor in 2014 City People Entertainment Award, Kannywood Face in 2014 City People Entertainment Award, Most Outstanding Actor in 2015 19th African Film Awards, Best Actor (Hausa) in 2015 Best of Nollywood Awards, Excellent Entertainer award in 2016 Wazobia FM’s COWA Awards, and Best Actor in 2021 Northern Film Makers, amongst others.

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