How To Make Money As a Student in Nigeria

The fact that you are a student doesn’t mean that you should always be relying on your sponsors for help at all times. It is a usual occurrence that money may not come as expected from our sponsors.

To avoid the days of great disappointment, you need to make money even as a student to support your education and take care of other basic personal needs.

how to make money as a student

Being a student is not an excuse for lack 0f money. You can still make money even as a student, if only you can manage your time effectively. It is possible to start up a business with little or no capital. All you need to do is to discover the problems and needs of the environment, develop the strategies to solve them and make money out of it. The school environment could even be a good location for some kinds of business.

Making money as a student makes life more comfortable. After graduating from school, you could continue in your business until you get a job. You could even be self-employed.

20 Tips on How to Make Money as a Student.

  • Market Books
  • Get A Part-time Job
  • Render Computer Services
  •  House Agent
  • Organize Tutorials for Money
  • Buy and Sell
  • Sales of Lecture Notes
  • Own a Charging Booth
  • Hair Braiding and Styling
  • Run a Livestock Business
  • Repairs of Mobile Phones, Laptop and other Electronic Devices
  • Sell out that skill you have acquired
  • Cosmetics Production
  • The Online-Registration Business
  • Dress Mending and Re-shaping
  • Baking and Confectioneries
  • Art Work
  • Be a Make-up Professional
  • Decoration
  • Installation

1. Market Books

Get useful books with captivating and attractive titles of relevance to academics from authors and sell them to students on campus. The authors of the books give out these books with a particular percentage discount. After the sales of these books, the discount becomes yours while the remaining amount is remitted to the author.

2. Get A Part-time Job

A part-time job takes part of the day. You can attend lectures in the morning and do an evening part-time job. Also, part-time jobs could be done during lectures-free periods. The location of such office should be close to the campus to ease frequent movement.

3. Render Computer Services

Start up a computer service-providing business on campus. Every students on campus, including lecturers need a type setting service for typing of assignments, reports, projects, handouts and other publications. Your services should also include photocopying and lamination. These are services that are commonly needed on campus.

4.  House Agent

The numbers of students who would prefer to stay off campus are always more than the ones who want to live in the hostel.  You can become a house agent to fresher’s who have just had admission into the institution but do not live close to the campus. By doing this, such student would have to pay an agency fee to you and you can make money out of this.

5. Organize Tutorials for Money

Organize tutorial classes for students in a lower level, than yours and charge a lower from each student. You could also organize tutorials on course mates in your level. The amount charge should be low in order to have a good population.

6. Buy and Sell