20 Degree Courses with Best Employment Opportunities in Nigeria

20 Degree Courses with Best Employment Opportunities in Nigeria.

Degree courses are quite important, they are very practical and much more applicable and direct to the job. You can boost your CV and thereby boosting your chances of landing any job you apply for.

For fresh graduates who don’t have much working experience as required by most firms, Degree courses can help make up for it.

20 Degree Courses with Best Employment Opportunities in Nigeria.Degree Courses with Best Employment Opportunities

1. Center for law and business certification

The center for law and business certification prepares people to become business managers, business layers and business leaders.

Before one is issued this certificate, he/she must have gone through the short term certification program which demonstrate that the person has achieved practical experience in business context, business law competency and a mastery of business thinking.

2. Certified cost engineering consultants

This is organization that is serving the profession around the world. The AACE certification is a great mark of distinction in the cost engineering field.

People with HND & B.Sc can take this advantage and boost their CV by partaking in their short training courses and get certified thereby making them have an edge over people with the same qualification.

3. Health safety environment

Safety they say is number one before anything. Mostly recommended for engineering and environmental graduates and undergraduates, there is no firm now in the world that does not require safety certificate. So why not take this professional course now and demarcate yourself from others in your field.

4. Association of national accountant of Nigeria certification (ANAN)

This is a chartered professional accountant body in Nigeria empowered by law to teach as well as examining all its students. Every accountant and intending accountant should participate in this as it boost your employability chances, increase your promotion chances.

All HND and BSc graduates are eligible to participate in this certification program. Takes usually about three years before one completes this very training.

5. Chartered institute of personnel management (CIPM)

The Chartered institute of personnel management of Nigeria is an institution established in 1968. Initially called Association for practitioners personnel management when newly established later renamed as Chartered institute of personnel management.

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This association gives out certificates to people who have successfully enrolled in their professional personnel management training programs thereby adding value to already certified and intending personnel managers.

6. Institute of chartered accountant of Nigeria (ICAN)

One can become a professional accountant by liaising with Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria ICAN. Many financial institution prefer employing applicant with ICAN certificate than those with just BSc or HND. So, as a graduate you can be certified by this body after participating in their short term course.

7. Chartered institute of bankers

Another professional body for bankers. Generally preferred by employers to holder of just B.Sc owing to the fact that holders of this certificate are better trained. So, you may choose to yourself some favour by participating and getting certified by this body.

8. Oil and gas trained services limited

This is an indigenous oil and gas institution that offers quality training to people intending to go into this sector. You can get quality training and be certified by this body by participating in their training programs thereby giving yourself more employment opportunity.