E-Money’s Wife: Everything You Need To Know

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E-Money’s Wife: Everything You Need To Know

Entrepreneur Emeka Okonkwo, often known as E-Money, has stakes in a number of businesses, including oil and gas, the music entertainment industry, real estate, shipping services, and others. He is an Anambra State native and the younger brother of Kingsley Okonkwo, a well-known musician better known by the stage name K Cee. E-wife Money is Juliet Adaku Ogechi Okonkwo. The wife of the young, prosperous businessman and philanthropist E-Money is the subject of this essay, which sheds important light on information that is important to know.

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Of the three kids, Juliet is the oldest. She has two younger siblings named Chidera and Onyekwere Uzondu. She was born and raised in the Imo State town of Mbaise. She spent all of her childhood in the southeasterly state of Imo, where she was born. Juliet, Chidera, and Onyekwere were adopted by an aunt who lives in the United Kingdom after their parents passed away while they were both very little. This occurred shortly after the birth of her youngest sibling. She and her brothers were sent to the UK as a result of this adoption so they could live with their aunt who had been assigned as their guardian.

Juliet moved to the UK when she was a teenager and lived there for a long period. She completed both her secondary schooling and her undergraduate studies in the UK. She completed the citizenship procedure and is now a British citizen.


She was enrolled in secondary school after arriving in the UK while she was in her teens. There, she completed Key Stages 3, 4, and 5 to earn a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GSCE). Juliet participated in an A (Advanced) Level study program after completing her secondary education as a pre-requisite for university study, where she concentrated on pertinent courses for two years in order to take the A-Level exams. She submitted an application to continue her education at the institution after earning her A-Level. After that, she enrolled in a college she earned her bachelor’s degree from a British institution.


In 2003, Juliet and Emeka met at the Surulere video shoot for her friend Julius Agwu. The three, together with Juliet and Emeka, become close after that encounter. Emeka hadn’t yet experienced a major break in life when Juliet and Emeka started dating a short while later, while she was in the second year of her degree program. She has acknowledged in numerous interviews that his attractiveness, empathy for others, and the opportunities she saw in him captivated her. Emeka and his brother were living in Ajegunle at the time of their first date.

Their romance did not falter despite Emeka’s limited resources at the time; rather, it thrived. On November 7, 2009, Juliet and Emeka exchanged vows in accordance with custom after approximately five years of courtship.

Soon after this couple’s wedding, they received the unexpected gift that would forever alter their lives. Emeka used the chance he was given to demonstrate his industry and resourcefulness, turning his life around to become the success story he is today and accumulating incredible fortune. This is when Juliet’s perception of Emeka’s industry came into play.


In addition to being the mother of her three young boys, Juliet also serves as the managing director of Five Star Music and Emy Cargo Nigeria Limited, two of her husband’s business holdings. She participates in such operations as artist promotion and song promotion as the managing director of the record label Five Star Music. Juliet manages the label’s artist signings by organizing their marketing, promotion, and distribution. She also serves as the Managing Director of Emy Cargoes Nigeria Limited, an enterprise owned by E-Money that specializes in freight forwarding, customs brokerage, hauling, warehousing, imports, and export services.


Over the course of their more than twelve-year relationship, Juliet and E-Money have given birth to three boys. E-Money and his wife are well known for their opulent lifestyle and love of luxury. They frequently take family vacations overseas, live in upscale homes, and drive opulent vehicles. Although the parents live in Lagos State, their children attend school abroad. But for the sake of their children, Juliet and E-Money frequently travel abroad.

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