Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Lagos

Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Lagos

Wholesale as the name implies has much to do with two possible business models. Firstly, it’s a business where the buyer may buy the goods in a large quantities directly from manufacturers, stock them is a warehouse, and resell them. Or somehow, the term wholesale may also be referred to businesses that produce their own products and sell them directly to retailers, who then sell products to the end user. Nevertheless, this second option has been popularized by wholesale marketplaces such as shake hands.

Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Lagos

Well, as the case maybe, before moving to where wholesale clothes is been sold, it may also interest you to know How Are Wholesale Goods goods are been Distributed?
First of all, those who are in wholesale purchase business their goods from a distributor and pass them to a retailer to be sold to the end-user. Wholesale goods suppliers source trending products to make sure that they can supply the most up-to-date goods to retailers. When a trend is identified, those in wholesale will research and source the most cost-efficient products, choosing from a multitude of manufacturers and distributors.
There are many shops where you can purchase wholesale clothes all around Nigeria.
Let’s quickly take a look at where to but wholesale clothes in Lagos.
As a matter of fact, there are numerous shopping platforms online today, but many people still choose shop for their clothing offline. The people prefer to choose from a bunch of varieties. The reason for this is not Far fetch, it’s because there is room to haggle, and shopping for these clothes which definitely reduce their change of being scammed online.
So if you have been pondering, looking for some places in Lagos state where you can buy clothes, shoes, and children wears at wholesale price, this article is for you.
Are you a cloth wholesale trader who want to buy clothes in bulk and sell to other dealers? Or maybe you are a retailer seeking clothes at wholesale prices? Below are some places in Nigeria to buy cheap clothing in bulk.

Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Lagos


Various research has it that this market is the most well-known market for all manner of textiles and fabrics in Lagos state. The market is incredibly vast in size with hundreds of stores dealing in clothes. Here, you can be certain to come across a wide range of options from Turkish wear to Italian designers, to mention a few.
The most interesting part of this market is that there are allocated areas where shirts, jeans, children’s clothes, fabrics, textile materials, and designer clothing from abroad, are at affordable prices.
Balogun market is located on Lagos Island, just off Broad Street

Aswani market

Aswani market is located in Isolo, Lagos State. There are large varieties of quality fabrics and dresses here which you can buy in bulk at very cheap prices.
From a clear indications, Oshodi market has been pinpointed among the places you can get wholesale clothes in Lagos. As a matter of fact, the most established clothing materials are sold at the Oshodi market is the Ankara.
 There is a Ankara stores you will find at the Oshodi market are usually owned by established distributors who import these Ankara materials directly into Nigeria.
Oshodi market also has stores where casual wear and locally made clothes are sold in bulk. Materials such as underwears, jeans, shirts, and other clothing materials can be seen hanging from storefronts and mannequins as you walk around the Oshodi market.
In terms of location, the Oshodi market is quite easy to locate. In spite of the side where you are coming in from, when you reach the Oshodi interchange terminal (BRT terminal), ask for directions to the Oshodi Market.


This is one of the Lagos market where you can get quality clothes that can be worn to the office or for corporate functions. Here is Bali market, the clothe dealers deal mainly in designer and casual wear. The Bali market according to research is located near the Balogun market, off Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State.


Among the list of wholesale clothes market is Yaba market. It is One of the places where clothes are sold wholesale in Lagos State. The people residing in Yaba, as well as those from within Lagos and beyond shop for clothes in the Yaba market. A whole variety of clothes can be found at the Yaba market, but there are also more dealers on fairly used(Okrika) clothes.


Another market to afford wholesale clothes in Lagos is known as Katangua market which is a popular market in Lagos and the surrounding states. This particular market is known for having numerous merchants who deal in clothes. Though in the market, most of their traders sell brand new designer clothes, the majority of wholesale clothes dealers in Katangua deal in thrift clothes, popularly known in Nigeria as “Okrika”. In Katanqua Mari, the retailers and customers (end-users of the clothes) are certain to see a wide range of options to choose from the many wholesale clothes dealers that exist in the Katangua market.
The policy surrounding the market is that if you want to get better deals while shopping for clothes at Katangua market, it is recommended to visit Katangua market either on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays as these are the days that wholesale clothes dealers usually open new bails of thrift but quality items of clothing at usually affordable rates. According to the residents, this is the only best way, resellers can buy in bulk, and charge sufficient mark-ups to cover costs and make profits. Other people also visit the Katangua market for personal shopping and save more when they buy clothes in the market.
Map has drawn it out that the market is located in Abule Egba, around Super Bus-stop, Lagos State.


Again, another wholesale clothes market is Ladega market which is located in Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State. The Map has it that from the Ikorodu Garage, the Ladega market is a stone’s throw away. The residents of Ikorodu and surrounding areas buy clothes at affordable rates at the Ladega market.
So these are just few mentioned locations where you can afford wholesale clothes in an affordable rate in Lagos state Nigeria. There are many more markets.

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