Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria And their Details

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Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria And their Details

It has been made clear that Due to the relentless efforts of the Nigerian government towards providing stable and constant electricity for Nigerians are yet to yield positive results, the need to find a better alternative is birthed. But the major question one could easily ask is; do you think that the traditional electricity generator actually a better alternative?

Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria

Considering the fact that the price of fuel in Nigeria is not giving the residents of the country hope that it will by any time soon go down, but going up gradually on a daily basis, then it leave Nigerians with an alternative.
However, here in this article, our primary goal is to provide a daily living guide to the whole of Nigeria, which is one of the reasons we came up with this article.
Permit us to create your indulgence about the evolving alternative to the (TEG) traditional electricity generator, known as POWER INVERTER.
The term inverter is a system that stores energy in the form of direct current. And home appliances need alternating current. The moment there is a case of a power outage, the inverter system converts stored energy into alternating current that is needed to power the home appliances. This is to say that an inverter can be used as a standby power supply backup.
In an expository term, An inverter accumulates electricity and reserves it in a battery, which is then used in events of power cuts. This features are what makes inverters of crucial importance to residents of Nigeria as a constant public power supply is yet to be achieved nationwide.
In Nigeria, generators are usually used when power outages occur, however, they incur substantial costs to run, cause noise, and pollute the environment with fumes, among other shortcomings. But with the new supply power called system inverters as an alternative, there is no noise during operation, no need for fuel, no operation cost, no pollution concerns, and more.

However, let’s take a look at the Top Inverter Brands in Nigeria.

1. Felicity Solar 10KVA/48V Solar Inverter

The Felicity Solar Inverter brand has the one off chance that you are considering building a sunlight-based force framework, this FL-IVP10048-10000VA sun-oriented inverter from Felicity is a decent decision. This particular inverter comes at around 460,000 Naira, this is an exceptionally appraised choice.
This line of inverter brand is not only equipped for home and office applications, however can likewise deal with modern applications. This is is to say that you can turn over an engine of up to 3HP with this gadget.

2. Prag 3.5KVA/48V Solar Inverter

This inverter brand is a prestigious maker of sunlight-based inverters with the organization’s items utilized in numerous nations and raking up a lot of positive surveys and acclamation.
It’s own 3.5kVA/48V sun-based inverter brand is a standout amongst other 3.5kVA inverters cash can get you either for individual, office, or industrial facility use.
In a common term, this sun-based inverter is one of the best inverters in Nigeria, made to viably control practically all home apparatuses, PCs and other office gear, petroleum administering machines, and other mechanical hardware.

3. Radiant 1.5kVA/24V Solar Inverter

Various research has proven it that the Radiant inverters are most appropriate for use in the home or maybe little workplaces since they give less force than their different partners with greater yields. However The Case maybe, The 1.5kVA inverters actually figure out how to give high force productivity and long backup term.
Putting it into Discussion, this is the best 1.5kVA inverters and best sun-oriented inverters everywhere, this Luminous 1.5kVA inverter is deserving of notice. Nevertheless, if you still need more to know, you ought to likewise realize that they are somewhat more moderate and simpler to keep up with.

4. Mercury 5KVA/24V Spirit Plus Solar Hybrid Inverter

The Mercury inverter brand is mostly needed in the event that you are needing a sun-oriented inverter is for use in your medium or huge measured office or business, to stack power-serious gear, or for family utilization, this Mercury 5kVA/24V inverter, just as these 5KVA inverters, will do the work fine and dandy. The Mercury 5kVA inverter accompanies inverter, AC, and Solar charger mode and is trusted to advantageously give extended periods of time of continuous force supply.

5. Bluegate 10KVA/192V Solar Inverter

The Bluegate inverter brand is another high-limit sun-oriented dependable inverter in Nigeria, normally utilized in large workplaces, organizations, industrial facilities, building destinations, and other force-hungry machines like clinical hardware, lifts, and so on as another force reinforcement. It’s speculation shows that it has 10kVA sunlight-based inverter is a less expensive, better, and contamination-free other option and speculation.

6. Iridescent 850VA/12V Solar Hybrid Inverter

This particular inverter brand is one of the best inverters in Nigeria from Luminous, yet not at all like the one over, this one is a low-limit sunlight-based inverter (850VA) — can just power not many home devices for a brief time frame. The Iridescent 850VA is a standout amongst other sun-powered inverters in the event that you are searching for reasonable and section-level models. It’s anything but, wise speculation for those hoping to save money on power charges and drawing a stage nearer to consistent influence supply yet on a low financial plan.


Unlike other inverters in Nigeria, Sukam Inverters run on pure sine wave technology. The description has it that the inverter is designed for the unstable power situation in Nigeria. The inverter can also know to power just about any home appliance and meet any scale of workload without the risk of damage.
The Sukam inverter is also non-toxic as it delivers clean power. Looking at it’s specifications, this particular inverter brand comes with a built-in UPS so that once there is a power outage, the inverter kicks in without disruptions. The most interesting part of the Sukam inverter brand is that it is an inverter Which is ideal for both homes and small businesses.
Still on the specifications, it has output power ranging from 800VA to 50KVA (50,000VA). Unlike iridescent, Sukam inverter brand has a range of inverters with different prices depending on the rated power output, level of sophistication, whether it comes with a battery or other bundled accessories. In other words, whatever your requirement is, there is a Sukam inverter capacity that matches it.
So from what we’ve listed so far from the specifications and the capacities, one could easily conclude that these are the Top inverters brands to have in your Nigerian home or office.
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