UNILAG Online Post UTME Screening Guidelines 2023/2024

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University of Lagos (UNILAG) Online Post UTME Screening Guidelines 2023/2024

University of Lagos (UNILAG) wishes to inform the candidates aspiring who are about to join the institution all the right information needed to guide themselves. Key guidelines include a reliable Internet connection, monitored activities through a webcam and microphone, a 30-minute test duration, and a strict directive against covering the webcam or switching tabs. Additionally, candidates are not permitted any assistance, even from family members, and are forbidden from wearing facemasks or caps during the test.

UNILAG Online Post UTME Screening

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) prepares for its 2023/2024 Post-UTME Aptitude Test. Candidates aspiring to join the UNILAG community need to arm themselves with the right information. This article serves as your guide to navigating this crucial test seamlessly.

Your Golden Rulebook: General Instructions

  1. Competitive Nature: Remember, this isn’t just any test—it’s a competitive qualifying aptitude test. It demands your utmost focus and adherence to rules.
  2. Secure and Stable Internet: A smooth, uninterrupted internet connection is your ticket to seamlessly tackle the test.
  3. Surveillance Mode: It might feel like a spy thriller, but your activities during the test will be recorded. Ensure you’ve got a functioning webcam and microphone on your device. And sorry mobile users, this mission is not for you!
  4. Visibility is Key: Playing peekaboo with your webcam? Not a good idea. If you go invisible, you risk disqualification.
  5. Stay Put: Think of it as a marathon. Once you begin, stay the course! Ensure you’re set with all your necessities before hitting ‘start’.
  6. Solitude is Strength: Your journey through the aptitude test is a solo one. Even your most supportive family members need to cheer from afar. Remember, any background company can get you disqualified.
  7. Race Against Time: You’ve got 30 minutes on the clock, ticking away even if you decide to pause or log out.
  8. Silent Mode: No reading aloud! Maintain your focus and the sanctity of the examination environment.
  9. Time’s Up!: If the sands of time run out, your test will auto-submit. So, keep an eye on that ticking clock.
  10. Face the Test: Masks and caps might be fashion statements elsewhere, but they’re a no-go here.
  11. Scheduled Start: Your exam time isn’t just a suggestion—it’s an appointment. Stick to it.

The Journey Begins: How to Take the Examination

You’ll be provided a unique email to set the ball rolling. Follow these steps:

  1. Examination Browser: Install it. Just a one-time thing.
  2. Your Unique Configuration: Download it via the provided link.
  3. The Final Countdown: Launch the configuration file, and you’re in! A simple click and the examination begins.

Pre-Test Run: Mock Examination

Practice might not always make perfect, but it sure makes you prepared. From Monday, 24th to Saturday, 29th July, 2023, a mock examination awaits all candidates. Use this mock exam to:

  • Familiarise with the platform.
  • Ensure you’ve got the examination browser up and running.
  • Simulate the actual test experience.

It’s advised to run this mock test on the very device you’ll be using for the D-day. If you choose to bypass this mock test, it’s on you.

Tech Talk:

Got a MAC? You might need to revisit your device choice. The examination browser only supports Windows OS. Need help? Reach out to the knights in shining armour at admissions@unilag.edu.ng or ring them up at 09053006772, 08027953216, or 08141656802.

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