School of Nursing Gombe Past Questions And Answers

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School of Nursing Gombe Past Questions And Answers

Getting the Gombe School of Nursing Questions and Answers is the best way to get into this amazing facility. You can now download the School of Nursing Questions and Answers Past No Stress in PDF format.

School of Nursing Gombe Past Questions And Answers

School of Nursing Gombe Previous Questions

I recently received an email asking about this particular material. The opportunity is here and you certainly don’t want to waste it. Gombe School of Nursing is known for its tough exams and most students complain that the exams are difficult.

Don’t worry anymore. One learning material makes it all easier and the ball is yours. We have compiled a comprehensive collection of previous School of Nursing Gombe questions and answers in our shop just for you.Scoring high on the upcoming Gombe Nursing School entrance exam will help you get admitted. is the only ticket for

Get past questions and answers from Gombe School of Nursing today and guarantee you’ll be selected tomorrow. This learning material will boost your confidence, expose you to potential questions, and help you stand out from the crowd when making choices.

Please note that all Nursing School subject combinations are included in this material and are in PDF format for easy download. Remember it’s printable, accessible and compatible with all devices. Instructions for obtaining the full PDF file are provided below with sample questions.

Samples of Gombe School of Nursing Questions and Answers

1. One of the following statements is not true of viruses.
(A) they are microorganisms
(B) they are smaller then bacteria
(C) they can be seen with an ordinary light microscope
(D) they cause polio and small pox.

2. The digestive enzyme that coagulates proteins in milk is
(A) rennin
(B) ptyalin
(C) pepsin
(D) trypsin.

3. Osmic acid boiled with a solution of food substance gave a black precipitate. This indicates the presence of
(A) proteins
(B) fats and oils
(C) amino acids
(D) starch.

4. Members of the phylum protozoa use the contractile vacuole to
(A) removes excess food
(B) movement
(C) remove excess water
(D) for digestion.

5. The main function of the petal of a flower is to
(A) attract pollination agents
(B) protect the flower while still in bud
(C) serve as landing stage for insects
(D) protect inner parts from desiccation.

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