Post Eviction bonding sessions– BBNaija

The Head of House Games kicked off Day 37 in the Big Brother Naija House with a bang as most Housemates were excited to participate. Amaka was forced to leave the Level Up House, bringing the day to a disappointing conclusion.

Post Eviction bonding sessions– BBNaija

Sheggz said that the majority of the Housemates were devastated by Amaka’s immediate eviction because “She was a sweetheart.” Some housemates played the spin-the-bottle game to diffuse the situation and stop overthinking, while Doyin, Daniella, and Rachel decided to get along by playing cards. The card game revealed a lot about the personalities, families, and interpersonal connections of the Housemates outside of the Level Up House.

Diana, Chomzy, Bryann, Bella, Sheggz, and Hermes all became interested in the game and later joined in. The Housemates started talking about their own self-perceptions and asking each other open-ended questions.

The Level Up Housemates may have been emotional because they are aware that their time in the House is limited and they want to make the most of it by getting to know one another better. Do you think the House’s relationships will change as a result of this week’s nominations?

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