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Big Brother quizzed the Housemates on this week’s nominations in a continuation of the Nominations Diary Sessions that began yesterday, starting with Eloswag.
It is not surprising that the Housemates are using various tactics in their attempts to defeat the competition with the N100 million at stake and the exciting crescendo of BBNaija Season 7.
Housemates spill the tea on Nominations
Bella and Daniella both acknowledged picking those they thought had a good chance of winning the title. Bella referred to Hermes as a “strong contender” and said that he had garnered a total of four nominations. Along with Bella, Doyin, Daniell, and Modella also nominated Hermes.
Deji, on the other hand, adopted a loyal approach. Even though the Level 1 and Level 2 Houses have since merged, he told Biggie that he didn’t nominate anyone from the former Level 2 House because his focus was on re-establishing the balance between the two.

An astounding eight out of 10 Housemates who had their Diary Sessions today opted for lack of peace in the House, as the reason for making their Nominations. Daniella, Bryann, Allysyn, and Hermes all said that they Nominated Chichi because of the fact that she is rowdy – and according to Daniella, “a bit too extra”. Doyin made it onto the Nominations radar of four Housemates namely; Eloswag, Hermes, Rachel, and Deji.

When Biggie pressed them for explanations, they all pointed to the fact that she was intrusive and challenging to comprehend. Rachel noted that Sheggz, who received a total of four Nominations, was causing confusion. Rachel responded, “he likes causing small arguments here and there Biggie” when pressed more. Also targeted for destruction by Adekunle, Diana, and Chizzy was Sheggz.

Winging it

Eloswag, Dotun, and Bryann were unable to provide Biggie with a justification for their nominations other than the fact that they were simply the first names that came to mind. One such unlucky Housemate was Adekunle, who garnered a staggering seven Nominations.

Do you think the Housemates have chosen their sides wisely in light of the game’s current dynamics?

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