How To Pass Science Subject With Ease.

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How To Pass Science Subject With Ease.

Science subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry pose a major threat to students in secondary schools and tertiary institutions. Majority of students hate science subjects especially Mathematics, Physics and Further Mathematics. Meanwhile, these subjects are the simplest subjects one can ever imagined.

It is easy to score between (90-100)% in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other science related subjects. When I hear people in particular students at all levels complaining about the difficulties they encounter in Science courses especially when it involves Mathematics and Physics, I ask myself several questions like:

  • Is Physics, Mathematics and other Science subjects difficult?
  • Is it that students are not well taught?
  • Is it because of the learning environment is not conducive?
  • Is it that there are no experts teaching these subjects?
  • Assuming there are experts, how many are there?
  • Is it that the students refuse to learn?
  • Is it that there are no learning facilities?
  • Does educational curriculum support learning?

Does economic situation of the country also affect the learning and assimilation of these Science subjects and other related science discipline by students?I can go on to ask several questions.

As a researcher in Theoretical/Mathematical Physics who have studied Physics from Undergraduate, Masters to Ph.D level, I have come to discover that Physics, Mathematics and other science related subjects are the simplest and easiest subjects’ students can shout hallelujah after examinations. I must contribute my own quota to the development of science subjects. I have come out with practical solutions on how students can fall in love with Science subject.

At, we provide a platform for students both in secondary and tertiary institutions to learn science subjects with great assimilation and comprehension.

We are going to lift millions of Nigerian students from failure rate to Success in any science subject. What you have to do is to follow us on our YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook, where we present easiest and simplest methods of solving problems in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and other subjects.

We take time to present lectures in many topic of your choice. We provide answers to all those pending questions mentioned above and as a matter of fact, we have provided email address where you can reach us with any question that constitute a problem to you in any science subject where the authentic answers will be provided within twenty-four hours on weekends and five hours on work days.

We have team of researchers who are ready to assist millions of Nigerians students to present lectures on YouTube channelson science subjects. We call these groups of researchers “erudite tutors”. Their minimum qualification is Master Degree on those subjects. This shows that erudite tutors comprise of exceptional extraordinary intellectuals/fellows who are versatile with the subject matter in conjunction with local and international exposures including scholarly publications in reputable journals.

At bestschoolnews students will have the opportunity to learn at zero cost by watching our YouTube videos free of charge. We have promised that Nigerian students both at secondary and tertiary institutions must score above 90% in Science subjects and that is why we have developed our own grading system called.

Here from (65-70)% is F. (70-79)% is C. (80-89)% is B while (90-100)% is A. We also prepare students for WAEC, GCE and JAMB to score high in JAMB CBT . We also extend our horizon to postgraduate students for extensive research and collaboration.

We are going to provide authentic, reliable and genuine solutions to science subject in a very systematic but simpler manner. The dullest student under the mentorship of erudite tutors should expect B in erudite grading systems. The dream of erudite tutors is that by 2025, twenty million Nigerians students will score A in science subjects. Science is the root and foundation for technological development of any nation.

If you are reading this article, your future is bright and colourful because if you are a student, you have already passed your science subject. Start rejoicing because your long awaiting solution is at your door step free of charge. Kindly inform your friends, colleagues, love ones and everyone you know about this opportunity. To know some basic steps and guidelines on how to pass any Science subject visit us at eruditestudents for more information or join our Facebook group for general discussion.


The followings are basic steps on how to pass science subjects


Most students do notattend lectures in science for one reason or the other. Most science subjects need adequate and detailed explanations and it requires that the students must be present in the class, pay maximum attention and ask questions on areas of difficulties for clarification.


This is very important and highly significant. Developing passion for science subjects will make you love the subject and this will make you pass the subject with ease.


Developing a study plan helps you in proper time management. Here, you allocate more study time to subjects that looks difficult. During study time, try to solve the examples and apply the same principles to solve the exercises.


Different students have different level of understanding. Studying together with your friends especially those who are better than you are in a particular subject provides a platform for you to ask question that you could not ask while in classroom for further clarification. Since the study group is among your peer group, you will find it more comfortable to interact. The study group should be done in all the subjects.


We are in a digital environment where almost all the study materials are available online. These includes lecture notes on a particular topic of that subject, YouTube videos especially those from erudite tutors where professionals present lectures.


The best way to get an excellent result in any science subject is to engage in adequate preparation. Preparation for any examination starts from the first day of lectures. Many students do not read their lecture note during the beginning of lectures while some engaged in crash programme few days before the examination. Here students are advised to read their lecture note on daily basis in order to avoid crash programme. This will give them enough study time.


It is important that students gets relevant studying materials like current textbooks, practical materials and relevant workbooks that may assists in studying science subjects.

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