JAMB New Cut-off Marks For Schools In Nigeria 2022/2023

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JAMB Cut-off Marks For Schools In Nigeria 2022/2023

Jamb have just updated their new cut-off mark for institutions in Nigeria. The body announced the Jamb cut-off marks after an internal meeting. Here we will give you all the cut-off mark for various institutions in Nigeria as updated by Jamb recently.

JAMB New Cut-off Mark

JAMB Cut-off Marks

While the Jamb new cut-off mark may seem like a blessing to some aspiring students, there have equally been so much questions as regards the standard of education in the country.

This has been a bit of debate among several quota as per what the educational standard will look like in the country in years to come. This will in turn offer so many the chance to gain admission.  Perhaps, people will be educated which is the most important thing for any society.

In the Jamb new cut-off mark, several institutions have different cut-off marks. For instance Public University and Private share different cut-off mark which has also pop-up another big debate.

A University should be seen as a University be it Public or Private. Same goes to Polytechnic, Public and Private have a different cut-off mark which is quite strange.

So, Here we present to you the Jamb new cut-off marks as published by the body.

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JAMB New Cut-off Marks:

Public University – 160

Private University – 140

Public Polytechnic – 120

Private Polytechnic  – 110

College of Education – 100

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That’s the cut-off marks as shown above. The new changes has had mixed reaction among many Nigeria. While some are happy that lots of Jamb bite will have a chance of being admitted into different institution of their choice, some are completely on a different opinion. Personally, i think this is good. Everyone should be educated. Education is not all about scoring high grade and many are of the opinion that examination is not the true test of knowledge.

Whatever the new change by Jamb means to you, it has come to stay at least for now.


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