How to Send Money from Pakistan to Nigeria

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How to Send Money from Pakistan to Nigeria

Home country’s economy greatly benefits from the money that foreign people who live and work abroad send back to their home countries. The influence that Nigerians’ remittances home have on the country’s economy is of utmost importance since there are millions of Nigerians living abroad and improving the wellbeing of recipient households. In order to transmit money quickly and safely over the world, there are several ways available. You may send money from Pakistan to Nigeria in a number of methods, which will be covered in this post.


MoneyGram makes it simple to send money from Pakistan to Nigeria. Here, you need to find any authorized MoneyGram agency locations nearby in Pakistan as a first step. To discover one close to you, you could utilize the MoneyGram Agent Location web tool. To make an international money transfer at an agent location, you will need to provide a specific set of documents and information depending on the delivery method chosen, a government-issued photo ID (international passport, NICOP, CNIC), the recipient’s full name, address, bank information, or mobile wallet information.

You must submit the form after filling it out, together with the money you want to send to Nigeria plus transaction costs. Your transaction has been immediately approved, and your money is currently traveling to your Nigerian receiver. Keep a copy of your receipt and reference number, and let the receiver know.

You would need to give your recipient the 8-digit reference number if the Cash pickup delivery option was selected. This would be used to have the cash delivered to the recipient at the authorized MoneyGram agent location nearby. If the receiver chooses the direct bank deposit delivery option, the money will be transferred right into their Nigerian bank account in EURO.


Pakistani citizens have the option to send money conveniently around the world using Western Union. However, the maximum amount you may send through Western Union in Pakistan each day is $3000, which is the equivalent in Pakistani Rupees. You must go to one of Western Union’s authorized agent sites in Pakistan to send money to Nigeria. The following businesses serve as Western Union agents in Pakistan: Habib Qatar Exchange, Pakistan Currency Exchange, Ravi Exchange Company, Link Exchange Company, Paragon Exchange Company, NBP Exchange Company, and Sadiq Exchange Company.

Before making any international money transfers at any of these agent locations, you will need to present an original, legitimate government-issued photo ID for verification. CNIC, NICOP, and an international passport are examples of recognized forms of identity. An agent clerk would hand you a Send Money form to complete after verifying your ID. Your full name, your occupation, the recipient’s full name, the recipient’s address (if cash pickup delivery is utilized), your relationship to the recipient, the reason for the transaction, and the recipient’s bank account are among the details you must submit ( if sending money to a bank account).

Your recipient can pick up the money using the tracking number, MTCN, and a valid ID at any authorized Western Union agent location in Nigeria when using the Cash pickup delivery option. While the recipient’s account must be a bank account denominated in EUR if you choose to transfer to a bank account. Usually, monies are delivered quickly—within minutes to 24 hours.


There is a strong potential for Nigerian expats living abroad to find great possibilities and experience economic progress. As your financial situation improves, you might feel compelled to help out financially by supporting your relatives back home. Cross-border remittances are primarily concerned with speed and safety. Thus, the values of efficiency, practicality, protection of personal information, and transfer security serve as the foundation for international money transfer services.

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