How to Send Money From Malaysia to Nigeria

How to Send Money From Malaysia to Nigeria

There are certain crucial components of the transfer that will influence the ideal provider for your needs while thinking about how to send money to Nigeria from Malaysia.

There are numerous companies that offer international money transfers from Malaysia to Nigeria. WorldRemit is the fastest service provider. WorldRemit offers the best rate at percent Above Mid-Market Rate, according to our research.

When sending MYR – NGN, we advise utilizing WorldRemit if you’re searching for the most value for money, quickness, and dependability.

This implies that by utilizing WorldRemit for online money transfers to Nigeria from Malaysia, you are probably going to save on transfer costs and enjoy quick speeds, ensuring that your receiver receives more money and receives it in less time.

Our comparison tool also determined that there are some excellent alternatives you may use to send MYR to NGN if you are unable to use WorldRemit for whatever reason.

The most affordable method of sending money to Nigeria from Malaysia

The value of the transaction and the amount of NGN you wish to send to the recipient in Nigeria will determine how much it will cost to transfer money.

The cheapest method to send money from Malaysia to Nigeria should be taken into consideration in order to avoid paying hefty fees.

According to our comparison engine, WorldRemit is now providing you with the most affordable rates.

The fastest method of money transfer from Malaysia to Nigeria

One of the most important aspects of the service provided by various money transfer providers to take into account when sending money from Malaysia to Nigeria is speed, especially if you want to send money right away. WorldRemit is now the quickest method for sending MYR to NGN.

Money transfer from Malaysia to Nigeria via wire transfer

The most popular methods of sending money to Nigeria are bank and international wire transfers since they are safe, dependable, and practical. However, if timeliness is a concern for you, they frequently have the slowest delivery times. If you don’t mind waiting one to two days for your transfer, WorldRemit offers amazing rates for sending money via bank or wire transfer.

You pay inbound transfer costs, flat fees, currency exchange rate markup, and occasionally an additional outgoing transfer fee when sending money to Nigeria from Malaysia through a bank account transfer.

How to receive transfers from MYR to NGN in Nigeria?

Your recipient has a few methods available to receive your money in Nigeria. These will vary between providers, but it is possible to find services that will:

  • Pay NGN directly into a bank account
  • Enable the recipient to pick up cash a specific locations across Nigeria
  • house to house money delivery
  • Send NGN to your recipient’s mobile wallet

The following will typically be required if your recipient is going to accept the money in person or have it delivered to them in Nigeria:

  • A government issued I.D document
  • The money transfer reference number
  • Senders details and the amount of money sent

With this said, the quantity of Nigerian Naira (NGN) you can get from Malaysia will primarily rely on the money transfer service you are using. Both smaller and larger transfers can be handled by different providers, depending on their area of expertise.

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