Dollar to Naira Black Market Today (June 12th, 2024)

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Do you want to know Dollar to Naira black market rate today?

Usually, the Black Market rate is better for those who use dollars compared to the CBN rate. People who handle these transactions are called Bureau De Change (BDC) Operators or Abokis.
Dollar to Naira black market rate today

Before we go further, it’s important for readers to understand what it means to “Buy” and “Sell” dollars. Buying a Dollar means getting one with Naira, while Selling means exchanging your dollars for Naira at the black market rate.

Now, to the question, “What is the Dollar To Naira Black Market Exchange Rate for Today?” According to dealers in Zone 4, Wuse Abuja, a popular BDC center in Nigeria, one Dollar was bought at 1,485 and sold at ₦1,490 today.

Black Market/Aboki Rate Exchange Table Today

Denomination in Dollar($) Black Market Exchange Rate Today in Naira
5 ₦7,825
10 ₦15,650
20 ₦31,300
50 ₦78,250
100 ₦156,500
150 ₦234,750
200 ₦313,000
300 ₦469,500
350 ₦547,750
400 ₦626,000
500 ₦782,500
800 ₦1,252,000
1000 ₦1,565,000

Please note that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) does not recognize the parallel market (black market), as it has directed individuals who want to engage in Forex to approach their respective banks.

Dollar To Naira CBN Rate Today

Parallel exchange rate (black market) exchange rate is always different from CBN rate. Currently, Naira is trading at 1520 Naira Per Dollar. The Nigerian Economy is drastically affected by the Dollar to Naira exchange rate.

CBN Selling Rate ₦1,490
CBN Buying Rate ₦1,485


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