Causes and How to Cure Low sperm count Permanently

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Causes and How to Cure Low sperm count Permanently

In this article, you will be learning about some possible causes and cure of watery sperm but before we proceed, we will like to spot the disparity between ‘Sperm; and ‘Semen’.

A lot of people mistake these two and without the proper understanding of them individually, you may not grasp what we are talking about here.

During sexual activities, a substance is usually spilled out. That spilled substance is not ‘Sperm; is it called ‘Semen and the ‘Semen; contains the ‘Sperm’. Semen is a fluid released through the males penis during ejaculation.

The semen carries sperm and some fluids from the male reproductive organs. Semen is usually very thick and has a foul whitish colour but there abound a lot of things that can alter its originality. When semen becomes watery, it is a sign that something is wrong somewhere, and this could affect a man’s fertility thereby leading to inability for a man to impregnate a woman.

A person is said to have low sperm count when he has fewer than 15 million soern cells present in his semen. The average man produces about 15 million sperm in an average semen from an ejaculation. Some common causes of watery sperm includes;

Causes and Cure for Low sperm count

1. Masturbation: a person who masturbates frequently is bound to have low sperm count as the body is robbed of quality time to adequately generate the number of sperm needed for fertility. Especially if the masturbation is done more than once or few hours before sex.

2. Varicocele: This is a swelling of some of the veins from the testicles in the scrotum. Although it might appear to be a major case, when treated it can reduce the risk of low sperm count and by extension.

3. Infection: Some infections sponsor the shortage of sperm cells in the body, hence, leading to a considerably low amount of sperm count in the body.

4. Insufficient Zinc in the body: Every man needs a good number of cells in his body to fight off some sperm antibodies. When there is inadequate zinc, these sperm antibodies prevent the production of sperm in the body. The antibodies are residues from the immune system which unfortunately acts against the production of sperm in large quantities Solution to Low Sperm Count

There are so many things that men do ignorantly of which if they didn’t do, it will improve their fertility. In the bid to proffer solution to low sperm count, every man should do the following.

1. Eat more of tiger nuts: Tiger nuts contains some nutrients for the sperm, men should form the habit of eating them regularly to increase their fertility.

2. Quit Smoking: It has become evident that when a man smokes, he deters his body system from working as much as hit should have. There is no point smoking when it is causing a damage to you. So, every man should
desist from the habit of smoking.

3. Reduce the intake of alcohol: Alcohol may help to ease tension temporarily but the adverse effect is not worth the temporary pleasure. Limit how much you take, if possible, quit smoking. It will help increase your fertility.

4. Take in Zinc supplements: Some men immune system may not be able to fight off the antibodies that acts against the production of sperm, so it is very important that all men take in some zinc supplements which will
support the body to fight against these antibodies.

5. Ejaculate less frequently: Low sperm count as earlier said means that the sperm in the body is very low and in order to preserve it, men should avoid frequent ejaculation. Avoid things that sponsors ejaculation such as masturbation especially when you know that you’re about to have sex with your spouse for the purpose of birthing a seed.

6. Exercise: It doesn’t only help your external body to stay strong, it empowers your internal organs to work at their best. Do it regularly. It doesn’t have to be the most difficult but anyone that will make your heart
beat faster.

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